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Lupus & itching
May 3, 2005
... a bullous lupus rash. ... (16 replies)
Lupus rash
Aug 31, 2004
... if they get any rash at all! ... (16 replies)
... upper body but usually spares the face. It tends to be nonscarring and nondepigmenting, unlike a "discoid" rash. I mention it first because you described your rash as being on your arm. ... (2 replies)

... You can have a lupus rash but not have "systemic" lupus. That's because lupus has varying degrees. ... (9 replies)
Oct 21, 2012
... type lupus rashes, etc. ... (3 replies)
... of lupus patients at some point. ... (12 replies)
... tumid lupus, bullous lupus, and maybe some I can't recall... ... (1 replies)
... Dear AngelaA, A huge pet peeve of mine, too: all those misunderstandings by doctors (who should know better :eek: ) about lupus & rashes! There are more lupus-specific rashes than "malar" (butterfly, on face) and "discoid" (in the depigmenting, scarring sense of the word "discoid"). * There's one called SCLE = subacute cutaneous LE, which favors upper arms and torso... (6 replies)
... is seen in both lupus and Sjogren's syndrome. I tested positive for it but was diagnosed only with lupus. However, it is possible to have both. ... (2 replies)
... Janmar123, Following are lupus-specific rashes. Much of this info is from Dr. Daniel Wallace's lupus hardcover, found in most libraries & bookstores. 1 thru 3 are the common lupus rashes; 4-6 are rare. FYI, most of these typically do NOT itch. Then following the lupus-specific list are some skin conditions that aren't lupus-specific but are more common in people with... (13 replies)
... But it's NOT the RASH ALONE that determines whether someone has SLE or one its subsets. ... (16 replies)
Could it be lupus?
Aug 30, 2011
... suspected lupus rashes can be biopsied. ... (11 replies)
... SPECIFIC, which narrows down a lupus Dx fast. ... (13 replies)
... I forgot the one lupus vs. ... (23 replies)
Rash question
Mar 18, 2004
... Yes, you definitely can have lupus without a rash. I just pulled out my copy of Dr. Daniel Wallace's The Lupus Book to look up the statistics. By the way, this is an excellent book, available in many libraries and bookstores. And Dr. ... (3 replies)
... Ro autoantibody, which is seen in both lupus and Sjogren's Syndrome. ... (6 replies)
... Angelina, I think if you were to browse some hardcovers, they'd explain better than I just did how cutaneous and systemic findings relate to one another, and how the ACR criteria are typically applied. Try printing the criteria list & checking off which you've met for sure. That's a good start. And btw, that's exactly what my metro specialists did, to illustrate where I... (3 replies)
No rash
Jan 27, 2007
... of lupus patients have some kind of skin problem at some time. ... (7 replies)
... For the blistery leg lesions, I'd ask about bullous LE. ... (14 replies)
... recurrent, except for the bullous rash. ... (8 replies)

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