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Feb 22, 2010
... I have these big bumps on my hands in my skin is pillin to (1 replies)
... Oh one more thing. I have a lesion on the palm of my left hand that has been there for over a month and I believe another is starting on my finger of the same hand. I get these pimple like bumps on my hands also. They come from nowhere and usually just one or two at a time. ... (6 replies)
Bumps on hands
Aug 6, 2001
... Hello, what type of bumps are they? ... (4 replies)

Bumps on hands
Jul 19, 2008
... I am almost 43 yrs old and get little bumps all over my hands and now my feet also. They are sometimes very painful and extremely itchy and sore to the touch. I have also seen my dr for them and he has done nothing.. ... (4 replies)
Bumps on hands
Jul 28, 2001
... I answer questions online for ppl that have questions pertaining to lupus. I have one of my own that I have never seen yet. My daughter had developed irritating, painfull, sorta sharp , raisedbumps on her hands. This led us to a diagnosis. Later rather then sooner. ... (4 replies)
Bumps on hands
Sep 15, 2001
... I have recently started to experience small raised bumps on my hands. They are very small but extremely sore. The are slightly raised and seem to have a dot in the middle. They come on quickly but seem to take an age to go. ... (4 replies)
... Were you put on medication, maybe Plaquenil? ... (3 replies)
... I had an attack of severe upper abdominal pain that sent me to the ER back in January. All of the sudden one minute I was playing with my son the next I was doubled over in massive pain. I started sweating profusly like standing under a shower, confusion, I basically went out of it. ... (1 replies)
Jun 1, 2012
... Hello... I am very ill but doctors not able to diagnose what is going on with me yet. In the past two months I've been hospitalized 4 times with pain and trouble breathing. I looked up my symptoms and came across lupus. ... (0 replies)
... I have had off and on joint pain for about 15 years now, my blood tests are always normal. ... (2 replies)
Bumps on hands
Jul 28, 2001
... however, I have bumps on the bottom of my right foot and it itches so badly. I could scratch it until my foot bleeds. I put Aloe Vera on it every night and rub it into my foot. ... (4 replies)
... i was scoped as well and gastro told me i had gastritis. we tried prilosec too and it wasn't strong enough so he put me on dexilant and it REALLY HELPED. i also am a huge advocate for milk thistle. it helps your liver regenerate and helps with nausea. ... (15 replies)
... My uncle and my sister both have SLE. My sister died several years ago due to SLE complications. An ideas what I should do or kind of Doctor I should see. ... (4 replies)
... soaps cause itchy bumps my hands. I always wear rubber gloves while doing housework. Some sprays get to me, too. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, I'm 14 yrs old and my sister is 24. Today she came home from the docter's office. She was there because she has a few red little bumps on her hands. She had to take some blood tests and has to go back to the docters in 3 weeks. Her docter said that it may be lupus or some type of arthritis. ... (1 replies)
... Now I am in my 6th month of joint pain... now constant in my hands, knees. ... (9 replies)
... Yeah, that's the ONE thing I was disappointed about. I've read and read on the rashes and they ARE different. Your story is an example as well because it took the biopsy for them to get a concrete diagnosis. ... (4 replies)
... this is a DLE variant, in which a larger skin area becomes affected, as opposed to multiple small lesions. I've seen pics of it on the throat area. ... (13 replies)
... I'm certainly no expert on these things. But your post reminded me of something that the dermatologist was discussing with me yesterday. ... (2 replies)
... then started to get splinter hemmoraghes under nails, also have had livedo reticularous rashes from being in hot sun a couple times. Also painful bumps on scalp. Finally also have horizontal lines on all finger nails, they look like rows of deep waves. ... (4 replies)

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