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Strange symptoms
Apr 16, 2007
... i have sle and fibro and im having strange things happening .i take cellcept,steroids,nerontin,zanaflex,antidepressants, my tongue seems to be very irratated also my throat and when i eat anything sweet its hot and burns and irratate my tongue and throat.does anyone have this and know what is going on. (0 replies)
... i stopped taking all my meds in august because i was doing good and didnt have organ involement either that all changed in november and i had been in and out of the hospital since and i almost died from complications from lupus.. i had trouble with my kidneys and then had trouble with high BP and i had a seizure then a stroke and was unconscience for 7 hours..allin one night... (13 replies)
Dec 19, 2006
... I have been prescribed alprazolam for panic attacks. I am also taking cellcept for kidney nephritis. I think I read somewhere that alprazolam should not be taken by people with kidney diease. Does anyone know anything about this? ... (0 replies)

... I'm so sorry to hear you have lost a girl friend to lupus. I am scheduled for stem cell transplant at NW in Chicago. I did not now they were doing this at the Evanston location. I was not aware they even had bone marrow transplant procedures done there. I am working with Dr. Richard Burt the pioneering immuneotherapist who did the first stem cell transplant for lupus.... (12 replies)
... This drug has helped me a lot. I am on 2,000 mg a day and prednisone 37.5 but I can function at work so far and I am learning my limitations which helps me to continue to care for my family. This seems to be working. :):) (5 replies)
... What is CNS lupus? They think I have that. I am tapering up to 4 pills a day and having to be on 37.5 mg of prednisone to continue to function through the day. (5 replies)
... Hi, Felicia. No, I haven't had any problems with my liver so far. Sorry that I can't be helpful if you need some insight on that. I was on Lipitor for about a year and a half and they checked me twice for liver problems, there were none. I was also on an ACE inhibitor, enalapril, I think, along with 200 mg of plaquenil along with the prednisone. The reason why I am off... (12 replies)
... seminole, I too am worried about the lymphoma issue - that is scary. I am going to get extra bloodwork once a week for the first four weeks and then once a month after that to keep an eye on my blood counts etc. Has your dr. ordered this also? Bern (8 replies)
... i am taking 2000mg twice daily. started at 1000 twice a day but it was not effective. good luck with it bern. i had such minimal side effects, and i wish the same for you. glad your insurance approved so fast. ali (8 replies)
... Ali, Thank you so much for your reply. I am so happy for you that you have gotten such good results. My insurance approved it today with no problem. I will start on Monday. What dosage do you take? Thanks, Bern :wave: (8 replies)
... Hello, I am new to this board and fed up with lupus. And doctors. And medication. There are so many details I’ll try not to go into all of it. I’m on prednisone, plaquenil, cellcept, monthly cytoxin IVs, coumadin, furosemide,metalazone, 4 heart medications, an antidepressant and a clonopin. I can’t remember what else I’m on. The meds are directly and indirectly causing... (1 replies)
... Hello to all of you.....I hope each of you can find some a way I guess I am pulled in both directions when I see the word Thalidomide....I want whats best for everyone....but you see I am a Thalidomide baby....extremely mother only took the drug a couple of although I suffer from multiple health issues...I have no deformities...I know I am... (5 replies)
Lupus meds
Apr 13, 2006
... I've tried cytoxan, but became deathy ill with it, tried cellcept but could not tolerate it, it made me very weak and ill feeling, unable to do anything. ... (3 replies)
... hi ani thanks for the welcome and post. much appreciated. seems like were on the same schedule of Dx and meds. as soon as i get news on the acid reflux. i'll write in. i'm really struggling with this meds cocktail. :dizzy: fresh air seems to be the only thing that helps the reflux right now. when i can get out there. cheers, lucy (5 replies)
... Lushine welcome! I'm also having issues with acid reflux but mostly in the mornings. (I have SLE and was diganosed in the fall after many years of being sick & ruling all other things out). I'm currently on high doses of Prednisone, Neurontin (no more Plaquenil due to eye side effects) & Cellcept - plus a zillion other little things. All of which I take in the mornings after... (5 replies)
... hi there just found your board tonight. i'm newly dx with lupus nephritis. dx - lupus november 2005, after yrs of being sick. you know how that goes. i'm on cellcept, prednisone, plaquenil, tried 3 Rx for acid reflux. on nexium now. not working. if anyone has any suggestions for the pharmaceutical exp going on in my little body - love to hear them. aside from... (5 replies)
... Thanks so much for the reply. The mail order program is not a very good one. You pay 3 months co-pays and get 3 months supply of meds. Really strange!! I'm really leaning towards Imuran as I've been on it before in the past and it was successful for me. Have a great day, Dee (7 replies)
... What about the cost? With insurance my cost would be $85.00 a month for 1000 mg dose. I'm seriously considering the Imuran for 2 reasons. I was on it before and had good results with minimal side affects and the cost! Whew! Any opinions? Dee (7 replies)
... what side effects have you had? Thanks for the information, Snoopgirl~ (7 replies)
... it is true, and it can also cause tremors. but it has helped my kidney function so much that i could deal with all of that. i hope you have the same success. it reduced my numbers dramatically. (7 replies)

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