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... My daughter is on Myfortic and was on CellCept.... she has terrible itching on her legs after a few days of starting it ...The itching comes and goes but is really really bad when she get hot as in showers ect.....has anyone had this happen and if so how was it treated????? (0 replies)
Jul 9, 2007
... Erin, I hope that the cellcept helps you. I hope it helps sooner than later. ... (8 replies)
Jul 9, 2007
... I don't think I helped you much but atleast you know you arent alone. This site is really good for that. I am now trying cellcept and we shall see how well it works. I havent taken the Cytoxan. It is really my last resort. That stuff just sounds so toxic when you read about it. ... (8 replies)

Jul 4, 2007
... Yes, I'm stage IV Nephritis...mainly the side effects of nausea, the big 'D' lol, gastrointestinal problems, but then again, I'm taking so many different things it's hard to say what is doing what to me...mainly it's crashing my immune system like the cytoxin did (my WBC dropped to below 500 on that) and I'm severely lymphopenic with my monocytes and basophils virtually none... (8 replies)
... I'm going on two weeks myself, and not sure either if it's the cellcept or just my lupus catching up with me, but I've been feeling sicker, more nauseous, more swelling, more achiness etc. ... (12 replies)
... My son is just starting cellcept..He has Mpgn 1 kidney disease Looking for any info.thanks (12 replies)
... CELLCEPT WORKED FOR ME!! I WAS ON 2000MG A DAY, AND MY KINDNEY FUNCTION WENT BACK TO NORMAL!! of course pred was in there too. my insurance has a max allowance for the year, and the cost is high, so i ran through my insurance quickly. i had to come off it, and my flare has returned. give it a try. it was a great drug with little to no side effects for me. best wishes. (12 replies)
... Thank you Marie for your input!!! I appreciate all and any information that anyone has at this point, whether you think , it may or may not relate - gives me something to compare against either way. I've noticed my swelling has gotten worse, I've had some mild heart palpatations, pounding in my ears and 'harder' dizzy spells - but don't know if it is because I'm basically... (12 replies)
... Alicia, I am really curious as to what dosage you started on, and how your doctor progressed you??? I am starting on 500mg once daily, then in two weeks 1000mg (1g), then 4 weeks 1500mg, then 6 weeks 2000mg (2g) which I will be holding steady on at that point until my doctor says when. It took an extremely high and almost lethal dose of cytoxan (2900mg) before I... (12 replies)
... hi,ive been on that medication beforebut had a bad reaction to it so i get cytoxin now.thats considered a form of chemotherapy. you get an infusion once a month and maintenence dose, two tablets once daily. its been a month since i started and so far im better. well my kidney is and i take proein powder. do you? (8 replies)
... Unfortunately, I had to go off of the Cellcept - it sent my liver enzymes sky high. Just be sure to have your regular bloodwork done while you are taking it so that your dr. can keep an eye on that. I wish you great success. Bern:wave: (8 replies)
... I was on cytoxan and it worked too.Now I am off but am starting cellcept. Do you take it with or without prednisone. Does it help with the flare ups? (8 replies)
... iv been on cellcept for over a year also take placquinal,neruontin,percocet,none seems to be working very well i was wondering if anyone was also taking these with no luck and what your doc. put you on next and was it in alot of pain all the time .hopefully someone can advise, i see my doc. on tuesday.thanks marie (0 replies)
... extremely high fevers, seizures, stroke, cognitive difficulties, etc. Cellcept was remarkably effective in treating all these symptoms, before I started it I had to take 80mg of prednisone a day to keep from completely falling apart. ... (5 replies)
... My doctor switched me to Cellcept from Imuran about two years ago. ... (5 replies)
... My rheumy changed my medicine yesterday to cellcept and is keeping my prednisone to 37.5mg. Anyone been on this and had any effects? ... (5 replies)
... Have any of you taken either Cellcept or Azathioprine? ... (0 replies)
... i am on cellcept with miraculous results. it worked so well for me that my nephritis is in remission. knock wood that it stays that way. ... (8 replies)
... I saw my rheumatologist today and because my 24 urine test showed protein in my urine and I have swelling in my legs and high blood pressure when it has always been good she has switched me from methotrexate to Cellcept. Has anyone taken this before and if so how did you do? I had to drop the prescription off to the pharmacy because it needs special authorization from the... (8 replies)
Apr 9, 2006
... Hi has anyone been taking cellcept and your lupus went on remission? ... (0 replies)

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