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... ick or change my meds and see if it helps. They have been trying to get me to take the Cytoxan but I have been resistant due to the harsh side effects. But the Cellcept does not seem to be helping. My joints are worse than ever and well everything is a mess...too much to go into. ... (10 replies)
... Zorm, I so feel your frustration and completely understand. I have had the same problems. I have been diagnosed with SLE with major organ involvement but now they are saying it is more overlap/mixed connective tissue disease since I also have strong features of Systemic Sclerosis and myositis. Right now it seems the sclero is taking over. My skin thickening is all over... (2 replies)
Cell Cept Dosage??
Nov 24, 2007
... Can anyone here tell me their cellcept dosages? ... (2 replies)

... I have been on Plaquenil since '93. I have taken many stronger and riskier drugs but have never been able to be off the Plaquenil. I have been on a drug called Cellcept since 2004. It is mainly used to keep transplant patients from rejecting their new organ. It basically shuts down you immune system. ... (7 replies)
... badari 2007, From what I understand, Drs. use medicines like prednisone, cellcept and cytoxan to help the kidneys and lower protein in urine. Which drug is used depends on how much protein and how long there has been protein in the urine. ... (1 replies)
... enviromental front, and really kept me out of the medical loop.i read your posts about cellcept and oter therapies and they are so far out of my financial reach, i just didn't become involved. bad excuse. ... (3 replies)
... from 20 to 60 mg a day with the exception of the pulse therapy which is higher doses. The MTX couldnt get my lupus under control so they have now changed me to Cellcept and I am still having to take the steroids but I have only started the full 2000 mg a day today so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will help. ... (9 replies)
Jul 8, 2007
... I was reading your posts above and I think it was EStevens that I read and felt that she had a lot of the same symptoms that I have. I'm on plaquenil now and have taken cytoxin for 6 months.. successfully. But 2 years later, I need to take the plaquenil.Other than a high sed rate and other problems that were not totally identifiable. I had Myelopathy, I guessed it was... (8 replies)
Jul 7, 2007
... That may be so because I've asked about it before...and I think that's why my doctor was more concerned...I ended up with Shingles on the Cytoxin right before the first crash. I've actually been putting myself in positions trying to make myself more immune - I've got 5 kids so avoiding germs is next to impossible - so I've done LESS to protect myself from them, and even... (8 replies)
Jul 7, 2007
... I am really hoping that I don't end up with that particular side effect (crashed immune system) When I was taking the MTX I ended up with the shingles ( no fun at all! ). I work in an office full of cubicles so it seems like anytime anyone gets sick, I end up with it too. I have been tempted more times than you know to wear a mask at work. I just cant bring myself to do... (8 replies)
Shaking eyes
Jul 2, 2007
... When my lupus first showed up it was thought to be MS but they did rule that out and found that it was instead lupus. I did several rounds of solumedrol iv treatments and then did IVIG for a year. It did get better for a while. Since I came off the IVIG they have had me on the oral steroids. 60 mg a day for a while and then down to 30mg a day with the MTX but I am still... (2 replies)
... me too... I just started it Friday. I was hoping to get a better response so I would atleast be prepared for any side effects but no one responded at all, which kind of worried me a bit. Hopefully someone on this board has taken it and I am not going into the dark alone here. I read the packet that came with the prescription, and to be honest it didn't sound as scary as the... (2 replies)
... weekly then monthly.....just depending on her labs. At 6 months she will get another kidney biopsy done to see where she is at then decide on more Cytoxin or cellcept as an option. I can NOT believe the difference from one Dr to another. ... (14 replies)
... Hi. My understanding is the same as Baybreeze's: that Plaquenil is not appropriate where there's major organ involvement. This is basically how I understand the writings of Dr. Daniel Wallace, in his lupus hardcover, in his section on meds. Another author who covers the same ground is Dr. Robert Lahita. (Both are well-known rheumies.) I think most libraries &... (8 replies)
... now on Cellcept due to complications with the chemo. ... (8 replies)
... That never stops amazing me how woman are such good care givers. Its been like that since way back when. But it was the same for my mother when she was really ill, she was always complaining, and since I was a child, I couldnít understand, its like she was speaking another language, how can someone be sick when Iím so healthy? Me and her boyfriend at the time, got tired... (12 replies)
... Fortunately, throughout most of this I have had my best friend who came from out of state and stayed with me and my family around Halloween of last year right after I started getting sick until just about a week ago when she left to go back 'home' for several weeks to see family and take care of some things. To be quite honest, my husband has not been very supportive at all,... (12 replies)
... wow, you shound like hell. I don't know anything about what you said, but I though I would just post to tell you how strong you are. you type, and you sound so normal for how you must be feeling. thats so great are you able to walk and get regular exercise? i know when my mom was on chemo she could hardly walk, and the sickness is no fun. good luck, I hope someone... (12 replies)
What the heck?
May 1, 2007
... when the prednisone, plaquenil, and cellcept I was taking weren't cutting it. ... (1 replies)
... my son age 50 has just received the news that he has lupus discoid and will have to take Plaquenil a biopsy was done this past Wednesday and will know the type for sure in 2 weeks. Would like to hear from other people June Griffith (3 replies)

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