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... Sometimes when I am heading into a flare-up it presents as costochondritis. I guess it is chronic in my case as I always have some degree of discomfort and other weird sensations on my ribcage. It always hurts in the morning when I first get up and take a deep breath. But, it can get to the point of excruciating with a flare-up and make breathing extremely difficult. ... (9 replies)
... Lupus can cause heart problems but there are other things in lupus that can cause chest pain as well. A lot depends on your age, other health conditions, etc. If the pain is determined to not be caused by costochondritis, pleurisy or GI reflux, all common in lupus, an echocardiogram should be done to check for pericarditis ( inflammation of the sac around heart) and an EKG,... (1 replies)
Anyone on Vicodin?
Dec 30, 2005
... Hi there- Yes, I mainly use it for endometriosis pain and find that once some of the pain has lifted, I get some more energy. It's not an anti-inflammatory and doesn't help much for my painful joints,costochondritis, pleurisy, etc. There's also VicoProfen if you don't do well on acetominophen; it contains Ibuprofen which is an anti-inflammatory! For some strange... (10 replies)

... Yes, I agree with Veej, it does definitely sound like costochondritis to me. The sypmtoms you describe are so much like the ones I suffered with and still suffer from periodically. ... (9 replies)
... Michele, It's correctly spelled "costochondritis". It is chest wall inflammation of rib or cartilage, often in the 4th to 6th rib area. The Dx appears to be one of exclusion, after ruling out pericarditis, pneumonia, pleurodynia, etc. Good luck! Vee (9 replies)
... I Hi I was dianoised with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease) and I also have RSD so it's hard to know which one is causing my problems right now. But I can relate to your symptoms. They are hard to deal with and scary too. Hang in there. (10 replies)
... There are a few things that can cause chest pain in lupus or undifferentiated connective tissue disease: pleurisy (most common) that causes a sharp, stabbing pain upon deep inspiration, infection like pneumonia, blood clots in lungs, costochondritis (inflamed cartilage in rib cage/sternum), pericarditis (inflamed sac around heart), heart attack, GI reflux to name a few. In ER,... (10 replies)
... ut 14 years but I have had problems with costo for a lot longer than that, so in my case it isn't connected to metho at all. One thing I noted when you spoke of pleurisy was the connection you made to breathlessness. I have pleurisy on occasion and in my case it isn't always associated with very bad breathlessness. ... (6 replies)
Lupus pain
Apr 3, 2015
... Lupus is a very complex autoimmune disease that can cause many symptoms. Chest pain can be from costochondritis (inflammation of cartilage), pleurisy (inflammation of lining and covering of lungs), or pericarditis (inflammation of sac around heart). It can also occur in pulmonary embolism in those prone to clots. It is important to know what kind of chest pain you have, which... (2 replies)
... Hi. With this amount of pain and its duration, I think you should call your doctor and ask to be seen. Sure, various lung problems like pleurisy, costochondritis (inflammation where breastbone meets ribs), lupus pneumonia, etc. can certainly occur in lupus. But patients with lupus are also "eligible", unfortunately, for garden-variety lung problems like respiratory viruses... (3 replies)
... Update and wishing everyone suffering from this nightmare answers, treatment and eventually peace. So despite my new rheumy appt being pushed back to next week I remain semi-hopeful. Saw my GP and went over all of the information he had apparently been gathering unbeknownst to me. Seems a set of labs he received from one of my many recent hospital stays did in fact come... (32 replies)
... Hi. We keep hearing that it's been a terrible winter for everyone, with upper respiratory problems being absolutely rampant. On top of that, people with lupus are more prone to things like pleurisy (inflammation of sac surrounding the lung), pneumonia, and costochondritis (inflammation of rib cartilage), just to name a few. So hang tough, OK? Good luck on Tuesday, Vee (2 replies)
... The cold hives can be a symptom of lupus too. The pain with deep breath may be pleurisy or costochondritis, both common in lupus. ... (6 replies)
... Dee, I don't think you're imagining one iota of this. In addition to a neurologist---or maybe even *in lieu of* a neurologist---I really think that you should try a rheumatologist, to be evaluated for both lupus (SLE) and antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). There's info on both SLE and APS in the "sticky posts" located right above the user threads. Start with the stickies... (12 replies)
Jul 31, 2013
... Thank you so much ladybud,...I feel a little better now. I am going to do just what you said. I was so furious I didn't even get my results yesterday I just left but I'm going to go back & get them all. My best friend who has lupus has a great rheumatologist & I'm going to see if I can get an appt with him. Something is definitely going on. And get this as she walkin out of... (76 replies)
Jul 31, 2013
... If you don't have insurance, you can go to any rheum you want without a referral being mandatory. Your Dr. is wrong about the chest pain. Pleurisy, pericarditis, costochondritis are all conditions associated with lupus that cause chest pain. ... (76 replies)
... Hi, Martini. I think one step the rheumatologist might take next is refine the combined Smith & ribonuclear protein findings, to see which SPECFIC ANTBODIES is (or are) positive. Knowing which can add weight to a diagnosis. However, most AI's have MULTIPLE diagnostic criteria, of which antibodies are only one (partial) aspect. You can find the criteria for diagnosing... (1 replies)
... Hi, SLHamm. I want to add just one word to the most excellent suggestions & advice you just got. Cartilage inflammation (as described) is called costochondritis; it's inflammation emanating from where sternum meets breastbone, and like pleurisy, it can be mighty painful. I hope you schedule that additional consult. Don't take NO for an answer. I really can't fathom a... (8 replies)
... Arthritis is very common in lupus, one of the most frequent symptoms. The "Criteria" sticky lists both symptoms & diagnostic criteria, and you'll see how different the two lists are! Why? Probably because the most common symptoms are so generic as to be diagnostically useless, e.g., pain & fatigue are seen in many conditions. Even ANA, the blood test, is positive in... (12 replies)
... .. even though no one will diagnose me because of my consistently negative ANA results. I posted a thread a little while back asking a few questions, but I just thought of some new things! Just a brief history.. I've been officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for a while now and had accepted this diagnosis until recently when I had some bloodwork done while I was in... (8 replies)

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