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... rash. i got in touch with lupus uk for some support and they sent me a very useful pack, contact numbers and the famous Graham hughes list of criteria.i know my rash is definately not malar. although when im feeling stressed or bad i feel burning tingling sensation on the nose and around the eys. ... (5 replies)
... pus from what i can make out. so evryone has a lot in commen but we are still unique with our own bodies and it will be highly unlikely you will see a photo of a rash on the net and immediately identify it as being the same as your own one. ... (5 replies)
Lupus rash
Aug 31, 2004
... if they get any rash at all! ... (16 replies)

... upper body but usually spares the face. It tends to be nonscarring and nondepigmenting, unlike a "discoid" rash. I mention it first because you described your rash as being on your arm. ... (2 replies)
... i think mine is discoid, but possibly bullous too. I geuss the discoid can effect the face worse luck. ... (5 replies)
... A few weeks ago, I got a rash on the underside of both forearms. It's not very noticeable, but very itchy, and the more I scratch, the worse it gets, becoming kind of puffy. ... (6 replies)
... I have had individual episodes all thoughout my life that would indicate SLE when they are all looked at together. However, I understand that if you have the discoid Lupus, you get that first and it can bridge over to DSCLE. ... (12 replies)
... Hi, Zorm & Blessed. I've heard of people having 3 different facial lupus rashes: (1) malar (butterfly); (2) discoid (meaning the scarring & depigmenting kind); and (3) subacute cutaneous, the papulosquamous kind. But there are other lupus rashes, too, and I don't know how often (if ever) they affect the face: SCLE annular type (circular); bullous (watery, blistery);... (5 replies)
Malar rash
Jun 8, 2008
... I am understanding that the Malar rash is something that comes and goes for most people. ... (1 replies)
... So the plaquinel really works to keep the rash at bay? ... (5 replies)
... these tend to be whoppers, meaning big. I'm not sure a rash consisting of really TINY blisters is the same thing. That would actually be a good question to ask a dermie, I think. Here's why I'm thinking that... ... (5 replies)
Rash on face
Apr 25, 2004
... I know one woman who'd sometimes get small rings on her face also. Fortunately, most often this rash does not scar or depigment the way a "discoid" rash does. ... (3 replies)
... patches in different places. THough I have a rash on my cheeks and nose, I can't say that it looks like those pictures I've found on the web. Plus, the rash on the cheeks tends to changes. ... (5 replies)
Rash Question ??
Mar 15, 2005
... n, thanks, I have ben doing some research and just some sorting and know I have a lot to talk about when I go back to the rhuemy.I found pictures and see that my rash appears like "discoid rash". ... (5 replies)
Rash Question
Nov 12, 2004
... I have the scarring discoid rash. I've had it for almost 30 years now and only found out what it was in the past few months. Like VeeJ I have no really unusual blood tests. ... (10 replies)
... did when my Dr. suggested Lupus. Several things I found looked similar, but not quite, like the rashes I get. The stuff on my arms looks just like the scarring discoid rash though. ... (12 replies)
... malar rash on my face for over 30 years. It is most unusual for it to only be on one side of the cheeks and nose. ... (2 replies)
... I had my only discoid surgically fixed because it wouldn't stay healed. It was on my face. ... (3 replies)
Rash Question ??
Mar 15, 2005
... the other meaning is a specific rash known as "Discoid Lupus Erythematosus", DLE. ... (5 replies)
... induced. .....the ANA test, a blood test used to detect systemic lupus, may be negative in patients with discoid lupus. However, in a large number of patients with discoid lupus, the ANA test is positive, but at a low level or "titer. ... (17 replies)

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