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... elt really stupid. Tried to forget it but it kept happening. Then, I got a weird discoid thing on my left thigh. Looks JUST like Ringworm, but it doesn't itch or hurt at all. My hair is falling out like crazy. I am of course, now concerned about Lupus. Especially since the Reynauds thing. Does it sound like I am overeacting? ... (9 replies)
Panic and lupus
Jan 12, 2010
... I waqs diagnoised with Lupus last year, along with Hypothyroidism and fribromyalgia. Before all this I was in constant pain all over my body. ... (12 replies)
... Alexandra, Please be careful. My sister had these symptoms and found out that she had a large brain tumor, then later found out that she had primary biliary cirrhosis of the liver from autoimmune disorders that run in our family. It also cound be lupus, which runs in our family. I would have doctor to check the liver levels as the gallbladder goes hand in hand with the... (5 replies)

... Hi all, I was hoping some of you can tell me what made you start testing for Lupus & how you got Dx'ed? I have Hashimotos (Thyroiditis). I have a normal TSH (Although it fluctuates) but I have all 3 Antibodies. Needless to say.........Every so often, probably 2 or 3 times a year my joints will bother me. Fingers, wrists, arms, feet. It'll last a few days. Nothing... (13 replies)
... She did not give me details. I had no idea what that meant, so I didn't ask about pattern etc. I hoppped on google and entered "posative ANA" and lupus was the first thing to come up. When I looked at the symptoms I thought, wow, sounds just like him. ... (6 replies)
... in one month. Iwas started on plaquinal in august 2006 and have a DX of differentiated connective tissue disease because she does not want to say lupus yet. The fatigue is better but the pain is up and down. I use aleve PRN. ... (13 replies)
... in one month. Iwas started on plaquinal in august 2006 and have a DX of differentiated connective tissue disease because she does not want to say lupus yet. The fatigue is better but the pain is up and down. I use aleve PRN. ... (13 replies)
... ion. Sometimes most people would not even know that I feel bad. Well, my last 2 eppisodes of this seemed a little worse. This time my glands in my neck really hurt to the point that I could barely move my head. This time I did go to the Dr. She looked at my past lab results and noted that my sed rates were elevated. ... (1 replies)
Lupus rash
Sep 1, 2004
... I go to a tanning bed a couple of times a week. Some days it's darker than others, and it does show up in photos obviously. My mom had the same rash, come to think of it, but she never mentioned being diagnosed with Lupus herself. ... (16 replies)
... far on Atkins, since October. Course, I'd probably be thinner if I'd stop cheating on it lately. The pain is been so bad, and as silly as it sounds, chocolate DOES make me feel better haha. Just in small amounts of course. ... (3 replies)
... Well the bottom part closer to the wrist DOES bulge when it gets darker blue. But not my palm veins. Another thing. The past couple of days I DO feel really cold but my husband told me so does he. ... (2 replies)
... I am currently being tested for Lupus at last and have some chest and other xrays for 2mrw. I have been unwell on and off for some time now probably over a year and half. ... (7 replies)
Lump under arm
May 28, 2009
... After 1st period.....I freaked and said I cannot wait another month. 2 of my sisters had breast cancer, brother had lupus and hodgekins....... ... (4 replies)
Possible lupus?!?!
Oct 28, 2004
... I think I had the lupus anticoagulant test, but I'll have to make sure. All of my tests were negative, except for the SS DNA IGG antibody. ... (17 replies)
... positive as I went on to learn. I had recent vaccination for the visa...etc...but I was told that Lupus also will bring on such results. ... (8 replies)
... I am right now dealing with chest pain and major abdominal swelling. My elbows and knees hurt. I have a slight rash on my cheeks and nose. My great grandma had lupus and my cousin has it also. So it does run in my family. I have had testing done...CT scans and ultrasounds of my abdomen. ... (4 replies)
... tested once for LUPUS and I understand that it's very hard to catch the lupus more than once. I have spells where in a I hurt all over. Had ABS, but that has subsided for now. ... (7 replies)
... I started having symptoms in 2000. Been through a lot of tests and have a diagnosis of "connective tissue disorder". I have been taking 10 mg prednisone daily for 2 years for this. This disorder qualifies under Family Medical and Leave Act as a serious medical condition and I won't lose my job because of sick days. I woke up sick and I'm going to bed sick today and my... (3 replies)
... hi i am new here. i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lupus in july. i also have kidney pain due to sponge kidneys. i am on flexeril for fibro and plaquenil for lupus and also tramadol for kidney pain. ... (2 replies)
Do I Have Lupus?
Jun 14, 2008
... ote it off as a side effect of the gastric bypass. In the last several months my bladder issues have gotten worse and my neck, toes, fingers, legs, and tail bone hurt so bad that I cannot sleep. I can't even walk from the living room to the kitchen without being completely out of breath. ... (4 replies)

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