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... about your own health problems. I'll try to say a few things about lupus in plain language, then, hopefully, others here will add more soon. ... (2 replies)
... hour urinalysis results back in early May, they were at 800. Started plaquenil at that time and the doctor told me we would be watching this very closely. ... (4 replies)
... I lost someone very dear to me in the same way. As for the protien in your urine, deffinitely not normal. Veej gave you some great advice to check out. I tried to remember all of the different things my Dr. ... (2 replies)

... I have not had time to read them in depth but hre are some things that jumped out at me just looking through them yesterday. ... (8 replies)
... I had the blood work done right after taking Cymbalta, Synthroid and had on a Lidoderm patch for pain, so my pain was mild then, if that makes any difference. I have terrible fatigue, drag myself out of bed and when I get home from work, just sit. I can't do anything anymore and my house is a mess. I have terrible migraines, terrible IBS, so that I don't like to eat out. My... (15 replies)
... or protein in urine? ... (15 replies)
Protein in urine
Dec 8, 2009
... Sorry to ask this its just i dont get alot of answers from my dr. she also found protine in my urin but didnt say anything about it. I found some of my test results on there web site. any way does anyone know if that could be caused by lupus? ... (2 replies)
... she'll say it's not Lupus, because if I was that sick the ANA would be very high. She tested me for vasculitis, because of the low c3 c4, but she did the ANCA test althougth those vasculitides don't come with low complements, so... ... (29 replies)
... s again for your support and replies. Its been a tough tough year and i don't think i would have got through it without all of you. Oh and my boyfriend who i met in hospital who has been with me evryday through the last three months of hell. Id like to ask some questions to you guys if that is ok? ... (7 replies)
... son was born 18 months ago, when I flared up with these vague symtoms, but seem to get no answer for other than "mild FMS" I would like to share my symptoms and test results. I have a doctor appt in few weeks, what should I be asking my doctor, what should he be doing for me? ... (5 replies)
Urine Test Results
Feb 21, 2008
... If the number is high and stays high and the 24 hr. urine etc. ... (7 replies)
Kidney problems
May 3, 2007
... for a year now. Got the 24hr urine test done and it showed high amounts of protein in urine, but creatine was normal. How can this be? ... (0 replies)
... me feel very sick. I took it every day, twice a day as told by the first rheumie, and only took the Celebrex when my hands hurt so bad that it was hard to work. In the three months that I took it, I felt worse with every passing day,to the point it was exhausting to brush my teeth. I just knew I couldn't take it any more. ... (3 replies)
... Good morning. Yes, I'd ask my doctors about this. But from what I've read, I suspect doctors aren't overly worried by a random 1+ urine protein if your blood labs (BUN/Creatinine ratio) were OK. That's because small urine protein elevation can be caused by other conditions (most typical are diabetes and high BP); but also by everyday things like stress, exposure to cold or... (1 replies)
... six rheumatologists the last two gave me the diagnosis. And they were the best The famous Graham hughes the lupus man and his predessessor at St thomas hospital in london. i was diagnosed with sle and sticky blood. but never had positive ana or inflammatory markers. ... (6 replies)
... e overall degree of lupus is determined by how many of the 11 criteria you've met over time. Once met, each is permanent. Think of checking each one you've met in indelible ink. ... (16 replies)
ANA Test Positive
Nov 30, 2007
... La, Rheumatoid Factor, etc. Hopefully these tests were already done, IN ADDITION TO the ANA test. Why? ... (4 replies)
... hr. urine test already ordered would be one such test. Do you have results yet? ... (3 replies)
... For years I have been complaining of extreme fatigue but always assumed it was from the HepC. My platelet count although in the normal range, has always been at the low end. I have severe photosensitivity. Most urine samples there was protein, but was told that oculd be normal. ... (3 replies)
... malalign in both knees. I didn't have a good knee to lean on for the other knee to get better. ... (2 replies)

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