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... This is how a hyperactive immune system reacts. ... (9 replies)
... If autoimmunity means your immune system is hyperactive then why at the same time are autoimmune folks considered immune compromised? ... (9 replies)
... flu, our body's natural defense is to kick start the immune system. Wellllll, instead of attacking the foreign invader, our silly immune systems attack our own bodies. . .. ... (9 replies)

... One of the reasons people with Lupus are considered immune suppressed is because of the drugs we are on. ... (9 replies)
... ere's my 2 cents worth. All the explanations are right on, and very well put. The 2nd part of it is, treatment for lupus is use of medications to suppress the immune system. I am currently on 3 immune suppressive medications, nothing has helped but we're still trying. ... (9 replies)
... I did forget one thing. According to the transplant Dr.s my sister has, anytime your immune system doesn't work correctly, be in too little or too much, it is considered compromised. ... (9 replies)
... I have my own theory on this. People with lupus do have a very overactive immune system - that we know. However, that being said, anything that our bodies may perceive as a foreign substance (ie-colds, flu, medication, not to mention stress and fatigue) can send our bodies into a state of chaos, hence the flares. And once this starts, it snowballs, and then our bodies have to... (9 replies)
... To address the lymph nodes, these are a primary part of you immune system. Since these things are caused from a hyperactive immune system, it seems to me that the lymph nodes would certainly be involved. ... (4 replies)
... control immune response. ... (9 replies)
Sulfa allergy??
Sep 30, 2004
... But I guess if I am autoimmune girl that a hyperactive immune system could trigger more allergies in general right? ... (7 replies)
... and attacks itself. The immune system is in overdrive and mistakes healthy cells for unhealthy ones. When we get a cold or a flu our immune system kicks into gear and helps to get rid it. ... (3 replies)
Being diagnosed
Apr 28, 2005
... and attacks itself. The immune system is in overdrive and mistakes healthy cells for unhealthy ones. When we get a cold or a flu our immune system kicks into gear and helps to get rid it. ... (15 replies)
... immune disease to where your immune system becomes hyperactive and it will attack it's own body tissues and organs. ... (1 replies)
... ally know what triggers a flare. I haven't been sick with a cold or a flu or anything in so many years I can't even remember what they are like. My Dr. says my immune system is so hyperactive that it just abolishes anything as soon as it gets near me. ... (5 replies)
... Dear Vee, You're right. I remember that mosquito bite that went from normal to taking up half my arm just a few weeks ago. Also, my mother told me when I was a child I got bites that got infected. I have 3 scars from what they say were spider bites. In all three occasions the bites swelled up, a streak started up my leg or arm, and a Dr. had to cut away the... (9 replies)
... Bonnie, That makes sense to me! Thanks. Shari (9 replies)
... is the one that I was diagnosed with 15 years ago. That is when your immune system become hyperactive and attack it's own body's tissues and organs. My Lupus has attacked pretty much every organ in the last 15 years. ... (8 replies)
... As long as you feel o.k. to travel you should be fine. The only precaution I can think of is to stay out of the sun! That is a no, no if you have lupus. It can definitely trigger a flare. Remember, with lupus your immune system in hyperactive--not suppressed so you are not at any extra risk for catching anything. However, if you are taking any immunosuppressants as a... (5 replies)

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