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... that have become extremely itchy especially when I bathe or shower. I have noticed no rash though. I also frequently experience itchy palms on my hands. Am I just weird, is this related to my other symptoms, has anyone else had this before? ... (5 replies)
... Yep, I have itchy feet, but mostly just on the tops and around the ankles. ... (5 replies)
Bumps on hands
Jul 19, 2008
... I am almost 43 yrs old and get little bumps all over my hands and now my feet also. They are sometimes very painful and extremely itchy and sore to the touch. I have also seen my dr for them and he has done nothing.. This is the worst break out i've ever had.. ... (4 replies)

... I came home from work and noticed I had very itchy hands and feet. ... (8 replies)
... itchy hands and feet... ... (5 replies)
New symptoms
Nov 16, 2004
... Hi Elaine-- Do you have organ involvement going on? I have itchy hands/feet as well as other "itchy" problems. I did have pre eclampsia severely in my first pregnancy and had all over itching due to "kidney issues" related to pre eclampsia and it was horrendous and insanity inducing and no scratch could fix it. It seemed "under the skin" if you know what I mean. Have... (2 replies)
... hi there i was wondering if anyone had any ideas? i have discoid lupus, also sticky blood. i have a rash on the palms of my hands. i have been having a flare for the past few weeks, but i dont know what the hand thing is. i have had this before, after the birth of my daughter, although it was much worse and painful. the rash is red, with pinpoint spots, they are not raised or... (5 replies)
... I have classic raynauds symptoms but they occur in my breasts, not the typical hands and feet. I have been cold all day, and wonder if this contributed? ... (3 replies)
... Thanks Vee! My capillaries are definetely showing and look like spider veins but I think they always do there. I'll definetely do the water temp thing! You're the best! Shawnee (5 replies)
... Shawnee, Topical vreams don't do a thing for my ankles when they itch. My skin surface looks relatively normal; it's the underlying capillaries that seem to be acting up... Making the shower water cooler DOES help me. Take care, Vee (5 replies)
... Thank you both for letting me know once again that some of my so called "weird things" are sometimes definetely worth a mention to a doctor when the time comes. The itching is starting to drive me nutso!! Does Benadryl type cream help at all? Thanks to you both, be good and have a good day! Love, SHawnee (5 replies)
... Hi, Shawnee & Aquanegra, I think my ankle itchiness is vascular. Mild skin vasculitis is evident, for starters. But also, I notice it more in hot shower, etc., times when my circulation is being affected by something. Take care, both of you! Vee (5 replies)
... I woke up this morning with swolen fingers. They were stiff too when I would close my hand. Then they would itch. What is this? I can't find much online about it at all. For those not familiar-here are my problems...and have not been tot he doc yet. iritis canker sores dry eye styes tired achy joints (4 replies)
... Thanks ladies for replying. I really appreciate it. When I say afraid, I mean, of finding out something I don't want to find out. Scared of a life threatening disease. I have a 10 yr. old son...he needs me. It's just scary. I did take the time to write down all my symptoms...boy, there was more than I thought. Iritis Styes Canker sores Frequent colds sinus infection... (17 replies)
... thing wrong with the MVP. I know my body and I knew something was off and I was right. And the things I am feeling now, are definately off. I did punch in "itchy hands and feet" in my search the other night and BOOM, a lupus site came up. So, it does seem that some people with lupus do experience the itchiness. ... (17 replies)
No rash
Jan 28, 2007
... I've had many episodes of much smaller, extremely itchy blisters, but limited to a small area of my hands, usually near base of ring fingers, usually in cold weather. ... (7 replies)
... years ago i developed a rash on my face on the bridge of my nose, forehead, my chest and hands over the joints. It then spread to my knees and elbows. The rash is photosensitive. ... (2 replies)
... nd they tell us he has pneumonia,they keep him for almost two days and they let us go home. A few weeks later he is diagnosed with pneumonia again meanwhile this itchy rash is still covering his body,on his chest,stomach and back. It's also on his arms hands and thighs. ... (2 replies)
... of lupus patients but also occurs without lupus. Blood vessels in hands and feet spasm, restricting blood flow. Main trigger is cold, also stress. Color change may be red, white, blue, or any combination of the three. ... (0 replies)
... It all started with hives in November. I was SOOO itchy and they were everywhere. I have never had them before and I've never been allergic to anything. ... (7 replies)

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