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Jan 6, 2004
... I had a red itchy rash on my chest and neck. But then it went away. can the rash come and go like that if it is lupus? ... (2 replies)
... ut I stopped that a few weeks ago. I feel that I want my symptoms to fully come around so that I know what it is exactly that I am dealing with. I'd say the face rash is there a lot more often now. ... (2 replies)
Red facial rash?
Mar 14, 2009
... Hi, The rash you described sounds like what happens with me. I have SLE and all the worrisome symptoms that come along with it, for example the Malar or Butterfly rash. ... (4 replies)

... Hello, Maria. I met a woman with the same kind of lupus I have---the SCLE variant---and she had multiple episodes of scaly, itchy, weepy outer ear infections. I think her drs. sent her for outpatient antibiotic drips, as her problem was really hard to clear up. She was on steroids at the time, but I think she got off them & remained on Plaquenil. (I've never had this... (6 replies)
... years. It was diagnosed as eczema, but none of the treatments helped. It was not itchy but painful and would bleed. That's the one that might possibly have been a discoid rash. ... (10 replies)
... thanks for your detailed reply. he did say that my other antibodies could become positive over time, so they will keep testing. I think they've all been run about 3 times and I don't think there has been any borderline ones. CBC wise has always been borderline/normal. When I first got ill my white count was actually borderline high (13ish) over time it has dropped to... (3 replies)
... My rash on my face comes on fast and gets hot, burning hot almost? ... (6 replies)
Lupus or RA
Jun 20, 2012
... Ok couple of new things. I now have an itchy rash on my scalp for the first time ever and I have started getting itchy dots on my back. Anyone else have anything like this before? ... (11 replies)
... But I've met people with lupus who were fine one day, then in kidney failure the next. ... (2 replies)
Lupus outbreaks
Aug 14, 2010
... Freaking, short answer is yes to the itching. Bloodwork and cultures ruled out infection, herpes, etc. But my itching episodes seemed to coincide with extreme urinary irritability & frquency; for that, iinfection, etc. waa also ruled out. My outcome: itching & urinary problems ceased very quickly after Plaquenil (for lupus) kicked in. As for your itchy rash where arm... (10 replies)
... I have an appointment with my dermie tomorrow. I have a itchy rash on my stomach and chest....some raised and some flat. I've never had a lupus rash itch so I'm not sure what this is. She diagnosed my lupus, my shingles and my lymphoma. I'm wondering what horrible disease she'll find this time. ... (5 replies)
... les and calves if I am standing too long, or sitting on a hard bar stool. It's worse if I've been drinking alcohol. Both legs will swell up, get itchy, and the rash appears. It can be painful. It will last for about a week before it fades. I was told by a vascular doctor that I do NOT have varicous veins. ... (4 replies)
... Mojo its interesting you mention the rash when you are in the sun. I too question if I have lupus. ... (6 replies)
What do i have?
Jul 1, 2008
... They treated 30 of the large spots with liquid nitrogen and will have to go back for more treatments, they cover most of my back. I am still wondering if it is a lupus rash ? ... (5 replies)
... Hi - I'd echo Vee's suggestion that you ask a pharmacist if Sulfate and Sulfa are equal to one another. I seem to remember they are actually very different. I do know that Sulfonamide = Sulfa and I, too, became suddenly allergic to Sulfa. Before I knew that, a doctor I saw before I was dxed with lupus put me on Celebrex and I had a huge allergic reaction with swelling... (11 replies)
... Hi, Sashajade. Your post mentioning Sjogren's really caught my eye! I had somewhat similar problems but was finally Dx'ed with a rarer, intermediate form of LUPUS. It's called SCLE = subacute cutaneous LE & was first identified in the late 1970's as a distinct "subset" of SLE. If I read your post correctly, your ANA has been negative. Well, mine was too, the whole way. ... (15 replies)
... I already have an autoimmune diesease, which she said gave me a higher chance of having another. I just don't know what to do about this rash thing, or what ever it is. Mind you I have taken meds for this, with no releaf... ... (5 replies)
... I've never had an ANA come back positive and as far as Lupus is concerned, I think that's the only test I've had done pertaining to it.. though I'm not positive. ... (6 replies)
... my head itches so bad sometimes i could scream.. and i'll have a nasty little rash up there too some days.. not to mention me hairs are falling out with it.. ... (1 replies)
Lupus & itching
May 2, 2005
... I can never get a straight answer from my doctor whether or not my itchy skin is related to lupus. It is so aggrivating. ... (16 replies)

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