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... I have personally suffered from dizziness from the get go - and I was diagnosed back in Dec. of last year with SLE, then two weeks later Lupus Nephritis IV. I'm on prednisone, and quite a few other meds as well. Was on chemo for 5 months but had to change to another regimen due to complications from the chemo. Almost every time I stand up I get a dizzy spell with tunnel... (6 replies)
... At the moment I have just beeen told by my doctor that I have a kidney infection. Its totally washed me out, not to mention feeling realy ill. I didnt realise just how sick it can make you. ... (6 replies)
... Topsy, Hi. Have you read the "sticky posts" = the permanent posts at the top of the thread list? Look there for lists of how lupus is Dx'ed, lupus symptoms, a so-called "alternative criteria" list for lupus developed by one of the top rheumies in the world, and for APS ( = antiphospholipid syndrome, which is a clotting disorder seen in lupus or seen "standalone"). Have... (6 replies)

... Topsy123, Dizziness was a real problem for me for several years prior to diagnosis. I would get so dizzy at times that I would have to pull my car off to the side of the road, or if I was home I would make my way as quickly as possible to the sofa or bed until they would pass.....and they didn't last long, but they were aweful when they came on. Hope you get some answers... (6 replies)
... dizziness can be cause of kidlney infection as well .is it completely cured? (6 replies)
... Hi, it's Vee again. High platelet counts: I've read this can happen "simply" due to chronic inflammation. Have you ever been tested for antiphospholipid syndrome (APS)? FYI, I don't mean to scare you! I have no idea whether what you described is even in the ballpark of APS---only that it can't hurt to ask. You mention a "T&A" when you were 12. I don't know what that... (2 replies)
... ne thing that has been in the back of my mind, wondering why the dr. hasn't tested my urine since this all began. I was assuming they must feel they can tell my kidney function from the blood work they have done, but yet I keep reading everywhere that the urinalysis is important. ... (4 replies)
... I had such severe low back pain back in March or April that I was certain I had a kidney infection. I went to the doctor and no signs of kidney infection. Dr. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, I'm familiar with all you've just spoke about and believe you yourself have come to a reasonable possible diagnosis. I personally think because of rash on toes and other places with all your other symptoms that although rare Polymyositis or Detmatomyositis should be concidered. You've already shown to have some of the positive test results for this disease. There's a... (34 replies)
... Hi, I've been posting on Cancer forums but am moving now to the Lupus forum. I just saw a Rheuma this past week and have my follow-up sched for next Monday. My history is a bit long... -Got sick mid-July 2014 w/abdominal symptoms (diagnosed/hospitalized w/ UC/Gastritis 2012). Started low-grade fever Aug 2014. -saw Gastro: she says UTI, puts me on Cipro. Cipro gave... (34 replies)
... My C4 complement and C3 complement was way below normal. My sed rate was 106. Other labs indicated I was aquiring kidney damage so I was placed on Cellcept right away. Luckily, this reversed the kidney damage. ... (3 replies)
Confused about dr
Mar 23, 2004
... Dear GracieGirl, I am SOOOOOOO curious about the rash on your back. I have a subset of lupus = SCLE. It's MAIN ("characteristic") rash is different than BOTH "discoid" and "malar". The rash can be anywhere but typically favors the upper torso (upper back, upper chest, and upper arms). The rash can look like a small raised disc in early stages, then later turn into big... (7 replies)
... A little immunofluorescence here and there but not convincing enough for a diagnosis.''Also, my kidney creatinine in 24 hour urine was low, so my kidneys are not functioning very well, and blood creatinine is on the upper limit. ... (16 replies)
... momof6300, I think staying sharp but calm will help. You could check out hardcovers on lupus & its close cousins from your local library. Two books by top rheumatologists helped me understand the dividing line in lupus (and in its close cousins) between "subacute" and "acute". What that means: having painful joints, fogginess, dizziness, etc. STINKS, yet patients are lucky to... (5 replies)
... Does she have kidney problems causing all the swelling or more like an allergic reaction with hives and itching? ... (9 replies)
... t pancreatitis. In fact I did have it twice 10 years ago for no reason at all. I am starting to blame all these little incidents on lupus, MCTD. Galls stones, kidney stones, pancreatitis, severe GERD, Barretts Esophagus. I have all of these problems with no explanation. So I blame it on autoimmune. ... (6 replies)
... I'm extra careful because I've had total urinary blockage from kidney stones, very nasty. ... (3 replies)
... the urine. I was given a variety of blood tests as well as a urine test. High amounts of blood were found as well as low amounts of protein. I had no signs of kidney stones or infections. ... (11 replies)
... I was diagnosed with SLE 27 years ago. In the beginning it was very scary as I had major kidney involvement, joint pain, high sed rate, fever, dizziness- just every symptom you could possibly have. In the last 10 years I've had very little activity. But recently my stress level has gone crazy and in the last few months I have had major joint pain, rashes on my face and... (2 replies)
I need help......
Feb 19, 2010
... I am so worried. I do go to a kidney Dr. today and see what he says. The endo yesterday asked if I was ever tested for Lupus and I said yes. I am really scared and do not know what to do. ... (2 replies)

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