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... I hope that your infection clears soon! Does it hurt in your back below the ribs? ... (15 replies)
... lupus. So far just as a possible. I tested positive for Anti Ro SSA but negative for SSB and all the other. I have had a kidney infection or definate white blood cells for the past 2 months. My GP has been trying to kick it but I have gotten much worse. ... (15 replies)
... I did finally have to go to the urologist. He said it isnt a kidney infection. And the culture confirms it. I have ALOT of white cells, red cells and casts. ... (15 replies)

... Hi, Erin. Yes, I do have recurrent urinary tract infections. Before I was diagnosed with lupus, I had only had one uti in my life, at least that I was aware of. ... (15 replies)
... I am glad to hear that they warned you about the cranberry juice, yes it can cause kidney stones and that is because it contains vitamin C and a high level of this in your body can cause the body to create stones in your kidneys. ... (15 replies)
... ly my hope. I dont hurt when I urinate at all. No burning. My back, joints, muscles and head hurts. I also am running a fever. What made me think it was and infection is that my urine was so bad. VERY cloudy with large white things that looked like rice. I wasnt aware of the blood till I went to the urologist. ... (15 replies)
... Yes, I can believe it. Erin, I am with you... I too hope it will be kidney stones. Lesser of two evils, for sure. ... (15 replies)
... on. Mostly CNS symptoms, so much so they figured it was MS. I have even had 4 bouts of Optic Neuritis. But all of my tests were normal till recently. Now the kidney thing. Since there isnt an infection or stones he said it leaves very few other possibilities. ... (15 replies)
... Did either of you have kidney stones as well, or painful urination without signs of infection? ... (15 replies)
... I'm going to jump in here and add just a little note to all the wonderful information that has already been posted. I too have suffered several bladder and kidney infections. Some, they said, were precipated by sex, others were not. I have been on all the medications mentioned here at one time or another. ... (15 replies)
... that they prove to be "only" urinary, not kidney. Once lupus became a possibility, I was very concerned that I'd have kidney problems, given the flurry of problems. But 5 years in, no I know it's possible for things to turn out that way. And I hope they do for you! ... (15 replies)
... Has your problem been deemed a definite KIDNEY problem? ... (15 replies)
... I was worried at first about kidney disease. ... (15 replies)
... They have completely ruled out an infection. I am now being sent to a nephrologist. The culture was completely negative as well as the CT scan for stones. So it looks like nephritis. I am a bit tired of "ologists" so I am getting all of my results and going to my rheumie with them. I will have HIM pick my nephrologist. That way they can atleast share information. I dont... (15 replies)
... Currently, the high WBC in urine would suggest either infection or inflammation in the urinary tract. Hopefully they have ordered a urine culture to see if infection is present, which antibiotics would help. ... (2 replies)
... This may sound stupid, but how were your many kidney infections diagnosed? ... (6 replies)
... nt of it. The pain in my joints and fever came prior to my getting this therapy. The main reason for it is that I am slowly going blind in my left eye with the recurrent ON. Plus the recurrent problem of not being able to walk was no fun. They said they are treating me as if I have MS even though the results arent there. ... (12 replies)
... Dear rtmc, EStevens just added to the "recurrent kidney infection problems" thread some really interesting info about anti-Ro (SSA) that conveys why it's important for doctors to take it seriously. So you'll probably want to check that out. All my best, Vee (12 replies)
... Hi, EStevens. I think I've seen the name Reichlin, too. I see what you meant now. Now you've got ME wondering! I never asked if I tested positive for anti-La in addition to anti-Ro. My rheumie does full labs every 4 months & I always wondered why. (Hmmmmm?) What you just excerpted makes something I've read about anti-Ro make a whole lot more sense now: that about... (15 replies)
... VeeJ below is one of the articles I referred to that stated that having the Ro SSA without the LA SSB had higher incidence of nephritis. Clinical and serological differences between systemic lupus erythematosus patients with antibodies to Ro versus patients with antibodies to Ro and La. Wasicek CA, Reichlin M. Among 55 systemic lupus erythematosus patients having... (15 replies)

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