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... These are signs of kidney infection and usually not found in bladder infections. Did your Dr. think it was in the kidney? ... (15 replies)
... I haven't had lupus kidney involvement but I did have the same problems with severe kidney infections that you did. ... (6 replies)
... One of many things I came across is an intolerance for bactrim and septra in lupus patients. ... (6 replies)

... This includes kidney infections, recurrent colds and flus, and things like that. You can include joint injuries etc if you are athletic. ... (10 replies)
... Are you talking about just days before your period starts? Or a week or two before? And does it alternate sides of your lower abdomen? Or seem pretty consistent with the same side? (6 replies)
... Can someone please tell me about the kidney problems associated with lupus? ... (6 replies)
... I have several health issues, one being chronic MRSA infections. I spent the last year being hospitalize many times with kidney infections due to having a neph tube in my right kidney. I finally got the tube out in March. Kidney infec tions have stopped, but I'm still having kidney pain. ... (3 replies)
... This may sound stupid, but how were your many kidney infections diagnosed? ... (6 replies)
... e, accompanied by nasty urgency, too. The urologist toyed with testing me for Interstitial Cystitis but held off, and luckily I didn't have to have that test as lupus was becoming the stronger "single bullet theory" candidate. ... (15 replies)
... Ok when I was a teenager my face would swell and it would kind of ooze a lil.I went to the doctor everytime this would happen and I think at one point in time a lupus test was done.It must have been negative because I am not being treated nor have I ever been. ... (3 replies)
... I know how excrutiatingly hard it can be to wait for test results, especially when your baby is sick. Whatever this is, Lupus or otherwise, it is very serious, and if this Dr. can't give you a firm diagnosis after all of this time, I would strongly recomend a second opinion. ... (14 replies)
... ing to what has already been said except more empathy and sympthay. I have never been that bad off that I needed to be hospitalized but I have suffered repeated kidney infections and much pain. It is pretty much a given that we all here know how devestating this can be. ... (21 replies)
... I have lupus, My mom has lupus and her sister has an autoimmune disease of her liver. ... (11 replies)
... Has anyone experienced flank or kidney pain on only one side but without any fever? ... (1 replies)
... lupus. So far just as a possible. I tested positive for Anti Ro SSA but negative for SSB and all the other. I have had a kidney infection or definate white blood cells for the past 2 months. My GP has been trying to kick it but I have gotten much worse. ... (15 replies)
Possible Lupus!!
Jan 24, 2016
... nosed. I was diagnosed with hundreds of diagnoses and never got any better. Symptoms included and not limited too hair loss, scalp soreness tenderness, rashes, kidney infections, heart problems, tired for no reason, sores in my mouth not necessarily painful, and aches joints and muscles. ... (2 replies)
... Did you ever have problems with kidney infections? ... (6 replies)
... s a lesson in patience that I would wish on no one. I have watched some of you be so brave and that in itself is an insperation. I just figured if I didn't have lupus I belonged somewhere else. ... (17 replies)
... I can't take pred or immunsuppressants because of chronic kidney infections. Just wondering if anyone else can't and what do you do? ... (5 replies)
... The past few years I have been hospitalized with many kidney infections and pouch infections due to mrsa. The mrsa was getting under control, then i started feeling a lot of pouch pressure and kidney pain. ... (3 replies)

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