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... That is SO interesting! I never put the two things together. And now that I think about it, I haven't been running since I started taking aspirin every day. I wonder if that would have any effect. ... (3 replies)
Lupus & itching
May 4, 2005
... Hi, everyone. I forgot to mention vasculitis yesterday. Even a shower that's too hot can trigger a burning itchy feeling on my feet & ankles. But I can actually see the evidence of a cutaneous vasculitis problem---discoloration & breakage of many tiny blood vessels. (But it's the *systemic* kind of vasculitis that's the one that REALLY can cause profound problems.) I... (16 replies)
... No, it's smooth, no pain or itching or at least that is good... ... (10 replies)

Severe Itching
Mar 30, 2004
... Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately, the doctors don't have an answer for me either. They say it could be lupus or it could be meds, but all they can do is try to relieve it. Dermatologist prescribed Clarinex because all of the creams made it more intense. ... (10 replies)
... First thing I thought of was dermatomyositis when you mentioned the purple eyes. My husband has that disease and his eyes turned purple but also very swollen. ... (5 replies)
... The rash was not on the lash area. Only on the lids and creases. The first thing I thought was conjunctivitis but those symptoms never came. ... (5 replies)
Does lupus mutate?
Jul 13, 2009
... Clinic in Johannesburg. I can really reccomend him, its difficult to get an appointment. I was on a waiting list for 6 months before I could get an appointment and had to wait another 2 months before I could see him. It was worth the wait!!! I will forward you his details if you need it. ... (7 replies)
... scenario in my head which probably makes all symptoms worse. I saw a great rheumy 2 years ago when I had all the weird neuro symptoms, she did a complete workup and said that although all the tests were normal then, she couldn't guarantee it wasn't the early beginnings of something. I thank you for your reply and thoughts! ... (5 replies)
... ulfa, but never had any reactions to plaquenil at all. So perhaps you might be allergic to one of the fillers. At least try what your doc said, stop it for a bit and see if your itching stops. ... (6 replies)
... o be sharp, pinching pains. This can extend around into my hips as well. Anytime I have been sitting in one position for a period of time, I seem to stiffen up and getting up can be slow and painful. You should see me getting up to leave the theatre after a movie! Ouch! ... (42 replies)
Rashes? Lupus?
Jun 27, 2004
... Dear LoveMyThreeGuys--- I honestly have no idea how long it may take for any drug reaction to set in. A thought, though: I think we've all read, here & elsewhere, that it takes several months for Plaquenil to reach its full stride in your system. Perhaps its known slow build-up is a possible clue? Is there anything else that rings a bell with you? e.g., more sun... (17 replies)
Severe Itching
Apr 26, 2004
... Hi everyone, mine don't really itch but is more tingly and burns. I use aloe gel, boy it really helps me. Mine is mostly on my legs if I've been on my feet and or if I get to hot. I also have alot of reactions from meds, which most of the lupus people I know do. I have to be careful what I put on it or oh man!!! ... (10 replies)
... They do itch, mostly when they appear in groups not just individual dots by themselves. I usually take an antihistamine and it helps with the itching but not much else. ... (4 replies)
... eet the criteria for a certain "label". He ran another set of bloodwork. He thinks the ANA will be up, but not enough to see rheumy. I guess it's just a wait and watch game. ... (5 replies)
May 10, 2007
... like marks behind. It's very uncommon and she takes Plaquenil, prednisone and hydroxizine as needed for the itching. ... (9 replies)
... after reading that LA can mimic MS. I am on 325mg. of aspirin right now and Copaxone for the MS. ... (20 replies)
... tor, but i can give you my husband's story. He broke out in hives which lasted for 6 months. We never did find out the cause. It just ran it's course eventually, and he hasn't had them since. ... (9 replies)
... yfriend has discoid lesions and rashes from lupus, he has been using a script called protopic ointment, he says it is the only thing that has stopped the burning and itching, and he has tried alot of different things. Hope this helps. . ... (15 replies)
Red skin, neg ANA
Jul 10, 2016
... I been having red skin all over my body, it often feels like it's burning and itching. I take anti histimines but all my blood tests and allergy tests come up blank! ... (1 replies)
... I have itching on the back of my neck, across my shoulders. It itches like hives and I always think I am getting them again, but nothing but a little pink rash. Not real bumps, just mottled looking skin. ... (5 replies)

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