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Could it be???
Mar 16, 2006
... hes that my demertologist didn't seem concerned about and said was eczema, gastrointestinal problems believed to be IBS and once a problem with the hearing in my ear that the doctor said was an imbalance of the tube in my inner ear. ... (2 replies)
... old female who has been diagnosed with lupus since age 17 and with Hashimoto's thyroiditis since age 8. ... (1 replies)
... w the hairline. They scared the crap out of me because they grew so quickly. One hour, they were not there, the next hour, I had a peculiar sensation behind my ear and reached up and there the big lump was. And they were painful. ... (2 replies)

... nose, you will get more info. An MRI showed I have "thickening of the sinuses," and I have "nasal crusting" and ear and throat pain. These are consistent with Wegener's which is related to vasculitis. ... (38 replies)
Too many DXs?????
Feb 23, 2001
... now I'm awake! boo hiss and my sweetie is back to gently snoring and I can't find my ear plugs. What a hoot! ... (19 replies)
... Thank you Ladybud. I do see a dermo and have an appt already on the 14th. I've got a couple of creams I use for the rash, but I've got a lot going on that makes me think it's probably SLE. I've got the mylar rash, sort of, nose and left cheek. I've got the ear thing (ie. Vertigo & nausea every time it storms) diagnosed originally as meniere's (12 yrs ago). Inflammation... (3 replies)
... I keep getting fungal inventions that keep coming back in my mouth, vigina, and ear and I have ulsers in month I get treated but then that comes back.? ... (4 replies)
ANA test
Mar 13, 2014
... I would insist on getting to the bottom of this so you know what is wrong and can get treatment for it to feel better. Inner ear problems are often associated with lupus, and patients can have high complement instead of low in autoimmune diseases. ... (4 replies)
ANA test
Mar 12, 2014
... nd is painful. I never get a chance to really tell these things. Doctors don't seem to think its much if those other tests don't come out positive. I have inner ear disease of some sort that has messed up my balance. They tell me the muscle pain is just from being out of shape and sitting to much. ... (4 replies)
Hearing problems?
Jan 19, 2014
... Autoimmune diseases can cause hearing loss from autoantibodies affecting the inner ear and auditory nerve. It is not terribly common but does happen. Your previous false positive syphilis test meets one criteria for lupus. ... (3 replies)
... o to ER for a lump that came up in my neck and had difficulty swallowing. I was told it was a muscle spasm due to low potassium. Since then I have head, neck and ear pressure just about everyday. ... (5 replies)
... Then three weeks ago, Lupus reared its ugly head again. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, do me a big favor before you go to a derm and get all of this biopsied. I have had SLE for ten years, have been in remission for eight, but have had horrible skin problems, and all the same type of health problems that you have been described. Strangly nearly exactly. I've had biopsies (negative for Lupus), been treated for filliculitus (wrong), put on prednisone (bad!!!),... (22 replies)
What Should I Do?
Apr 27, 2011
... roderma rash. I've had it biopsied twice. The first time, done by my primary, wasn't deep enough to differentiate between the two, but was thought to be either Lupus or Lyme Disease. ... (5 replies)
Mar 8, 2011
... I also experience the under the skin lumps that itch like dermy calls this lupus penniculitis. ... (2 replies)
... and showed I was in an acute flare. As far as the Cipro I have been off of it for almost two weeks now. I never in a million years would think to think of Lupus but in reading things now maybe... I don't know.. ... (6 replies)
... have an appointment with a different arthritis specialist next week. the nurse was sooo very very very nice and answered all my questions. what a difference the front desk person can make,huh. they are going to re-run the bloodwork, twice if they have to if that will make me feel more comfortable. the specialist is young and specializes in MCTD, Lupus, and Scleroderma,... (15 replies)
... Graves, pradiod tumor, bladder tumor, ear tumors and now UCTD. ... (9 replies)
... been researching more, I can't seem to find where vasculitis really fits, unless I'm missing something. Does anyone seem to have these symptoms during a typical lupus flare? ... (2 replies)
Ouchie.. :(
Sep 4, 2009
... I know you must be relieved as well. My lupus diagnosis was my salvation, as I had been through countless trials of meds for fibromyalgia and had poor response and actually some made me worse. ... (7 replies)

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