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... No help from anything. I'm being led to believe that this may not be an acid problem or lupus as many are staking it to be. I've never had heartburn in my life, and the burning is in my throat and mouth, not esophagus. ... (1 replies)
... Her doctor did try a steroid shot in the ear, but it did not help either. Well at least not yet. Its been like a month now. She also surfers from depression and Epilepsy. She has had Epilepsy since childhood and she is now 28 yrs old so I do not think its the Epilepsy. So if its not caused by Lupus, guess its one of the many meds she is taking now. I don't know whatelse it... (3 replies)
... ost two years now. i went to see aneurologist recently a professor he is a specialist in chronic fatigue syndrome i kept getting told i had that he thinks i have lupus possibly again. ... (4 replies)

... Hi, This is my first time posting on this board, and I hope you can help me. Since last year, I've had a lot of unusual symptoms that my doctors first thought were caused from multiple sclerosis. However, my MRIs, lumbar punctures, blood tests, nerve conduction studies, EMGs, etc. are all normal, for the most part. My main symptom that is causing me the most... (1 replies)
... My Lupus rash is a malar rash on my face. ... (16 replies)
17 & lupus
Jan 20, 2007
... Hello! I was also diagnosed with lupus at age 17, during the summer between high school and college. ... (5 replies)
... I think it must all be related to pressure and fluid problems in the ear cannals brought on by lupus. Plus, a good number of people on here have episodes of dizziness or vertigo, which is also a related issue. ... (10 replies)
Lupus Cellulitis
Feb 22, 2006
... Hi Vee & Ct, It's my mid back to base of neck, arms, behind lt ear. It is painful, I thought that I had shingles! I am getting frustrated because EVERY WEEK I have something new. I never even knew that there was a cellulitis specific to Lupus. I hope she's right. I have to go to a dermatologist, also. They look like huge red, burning patches. I am taking the meds now... (9 replies)
Clogged ear
Feb 10, 2006
... olds are caused by viruses, not bacteria. Antibiotics don't work on viruses, so if an antibiotic doesn't work, it doesn't necessarily prove that the problem was lupus related. It could just mean that it was a virus causing it. ... (11 replies)
... To Everyone, re: HEARING LOSS. Just encountered today an article stating that VASCULITIS can cause hearing loss & other problems. This disease can occur with lupus, or "standalone"; and it also can affect a very wide range of organs & systems. But, of course, there are probably umpteen reasons for hearing problems, including simple genetics... Wishing everyone... (10 replies)
... With lupus you can have hearing problem also. ... (10 replies)
... up clearly. She'd tried Plaquenil, then stopped it when she started Prednisone. She was still getting some sun exposure, while I'd quit the first time I found lupus was even a possibility. ... (15 replies)
... I was first dx with Lupus than with Fibromyalgia. I had deveop the "WOLF" rash and alot of pain and tenderness all over my body. To add the extreme fatigue. ... (23 replies)
... the other day I had this really weird muscle spasm that lasted the better part of the day in my lip! If anyone thinks this sounds like I may have the symptoms of Lupus please tell me. Thanks for reading. ... (5 replies)
Jul 7, 2003
... I am extremely confused. I was tested for Lupus after having a loss of hearing in my left ear four years ago. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks for your reply Vee! Sorry about your cold. :( Strangely enough, the swollen feeling went away after about 12 hours. My head still feels a little funny, but it looks like it might have been the Plaquenil, which isn't good because it was helping me. I'm going to call my doctor this morning to see how to proceed. For the benefit of others reading, I just wanted to... (6 replies)
... Hi. My Plaquenil Rx printout mentions drowsiness & ear ringing as possible side effects, but not anything that looks quite like the sensation of scalp swelling. But I'll mention that I'm now battling the oddest head cold I've ever had. It's odd because it took really long---8 days---of puffy sinuses, ear ringing & a slight problem with balance plus that "pumpkin head"... (6 replies)
... Yes, but it's rare, it can start in one ear and then you can end up losing your hearing in the other ear. ... (1 replies)
Clogged ear
Feb 11, 2006
... Hello there, Just my two cents worth here. I would definitely say that in the main having blocked ears as you have is not as a result of having lupus. This happens so much to people who don't have our dreaded illness. Head colds normally = sinus problems = blocked ear/s. A simple but effective treatment I find is using a nasal decongestant - always check with the... (11 replies)
Clogged ear
Feb 9, 2006
... Thanks Vee! I was feeling great but until this head cold. I'm very tried and like I said my ear is dring me crazy. My Doctor said it was time to DX me with Lupus. He said lets call a spade a spade! ... (11 replies)

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