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... head. Doctor says that the Zoloft should help decrease the amount of hot flashes. I obviously haven't been counting them, but I do think that they are more tolerable or I have just found ways to cope with them better. ... (121 replies)
... and several hot flashes. But, I'm doing better and that is my goal, all without a blood pressure spike. ... (121 replies)
... is helping. Didn't check my blood pressure at all through the night. Even missed checking it before I went to bed. No night sweats since that first time. The hot flashes continue. Don't know how this Summer will be. ... (121 replies)

... Magustuff, What is a US? I have had scans of the liver/kidneys and blood work and urine tests. All seems to be OK or borderline. Going to a rheumatologist next month. Hopefully she will have some ideas as to what is going on in my body. I had a positive Anti DS DNA test. I know you need a certain number of symptoms to be diagnosed with Lupus. Thanks for your reply. (6 replies)
... I thought I had lupus but all tests but my spep and ana came back normal now what? ... (1 replies)
... :wave: Hi I was just wondering if you all could help me out with some of the symptoms I've been having. 1. Nausea 2. Cluster headaches (pain in temples,back of head and front) 3. Numbness in left hand fingers. 4. Dizziness ( feel like passing out or close to it) 5. aching pain all over my body (not always at the same time) 6. Chest pain (sometimes with shortness of... (11 replies)
... en a long journey to get it back on track. I am sorry that you are suffering. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I am still suffering from Fibromyalgia, fatigue, hot flashes, and the reactive hypoglycemia. ... (121 replies)
... n bed for a while because I was cold and on the verge of chilling. Then, put on my robe and socks and went back under the covers until the warmth made me have a hot flash and then I got up. ... (121 replies)
... a month and I am almost used to them. They told me years ago they should go away after menopause which is taking forever. 50 ans still going strong but I do have hot flashes often. ... (8 replies)
... almost like something is blocking it. And the most annoying thing is this off and on "chest pain" in the same spot. Left of my Sternum. And of course the "usual" hot flashes, sweating, dizzyness eye irritation, a few itchy spots like chickenpox, "yeast attacks", vision change and NEVER fever. ... (19 replies)
... e life threatening, and can certainly complicate medical conditions, but I don't believe that is my problem. Taking the SSRI again, has certainly helped me. My hot flashes are lessened, I'm sleeping much better, my thinking is clearer, my anxiety is gone, and my moods are more stabilized. ... (121 replies)
... Still have a few hot flashes, but are usually light and are becoming more infrequent. The housekeeper is coming less often and I am taking on more household chores. ... (121 replies)
... Well, got "zapped" this morning... at least I think so. Went a whole week to the day. I woke at 3:30AM and didn't think I would be able to get back to sleep. Had a little peanut butter and a few sips of water to wash it down. Tossed for awhile, had a few hot flashes and apparently went back to sleep until 5:30AM. This time, I was dreaming and I remember the dream took an... (121 replies)
... My initial hopes to venture out to the library book sale went array when the wind kicked up and a storm was brewing. Hot flashes continued through the day. ... (121 replies)
... I feel sick, nauseated, weak leg muscles, etc. Also, i seem to burn really easy. I had a spot of sun hit my bare arm on the way home from work which got red and hot about an hour later. ... (1 replies)
New symptoms
Nov 17, 2004
... years ago. I was actully wondering if you could have hot flashes that much later. The night sweats dont really feel like hot flashes. They are simular but not the same. They started about 2 weeks ago. the head aches also started about that time. ... (2 replies)
Hot face?
May 30, 2003
... clear this. I am meeting a new derm today and am nervous. I am sure when He hears about taking accutane twice a week he will freak, but it also helps with the lupus rashes. He apparently also treats lupus patients. I hope it is a good experience. ... (12 replies)
... that come on rather suddenly, different than just feeling cold. After I warm up, then I get sudden sweats, hot, but different than the hot flashes of menopause. ... (8 replies)
... Tess, same thing happened with me. My lupus symptoms bloomed as my hormone levels dropped. ... (9 replies)
Not diagnosed yet
Jan 28, 2003
... oe nails, The sun will effect some not all though just were sun block, weight loss be care full if you loose to much weight it could effect your kidneys, also Lupus Kidney his can also deelope if things arenot looked after. I have more I can tell you If you want. But first try a new Reumot Dr. ... (11 replies)

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