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Normal ana test
Mar 11, 2009
... What is a normal ana test (2 replies)
... Anyway, I came back home the next week and went to my doctor who did a new ana test. For the first time in 4 years I had a "negative" ana count. ... (6 replies)
... this year had two negative Ana, one while on plaquenil and one after being off plaquenil for 3weeks. Maybe if you are on medication that is what is causing the ana to be negative. ... (6 replies)

Normal ana test
Mar 20, 2009
... The value of the ana test is determined by lots of factors. The results of an ANA test are usually given in titres, which is a measure of how much the blood sample can be diluted before the presence of the antibodies can no longer be detected. ... (2 replies)
... I am wondering if anyone knows what a normal ana test should be. OR, what is considered high enough to be concerned. My gyn dr. ... (10 replies)
Normal ana test
Mar 19, 2009
... I would suggest you consult with the ordering doctor so they can explain the test to you and what it means in more detail. ... (2 replies)
... D or ANA Direct. Here's what I found out about the test ... ... (3 replies)
... If it's been over 3 months, I personally think it is quite reasonable to request another ANA test and this time if it comes out "normal" then you can rest a bit more assured as you said you don't have any other symptoms right now. ... (3 replies)
... homogeneous when I first got sick. Now I have a positive ANA with a high RNP 13 years later. It must be speckled now but the test didn't say. However an RNP is of a speckled pattern. ... (6 replies)
... ts...his secretary said she didn't see a problem and she would call when I could pick it up...the next day she called me and said that my GP wanted to discuss my test results before he would hand over anything...why would he need to discuss my results if they all came back normal? ... (5 replies)
... titer could be interpreted as positive test result for lupus? ... (1 replies)
... what is the normal range of ANA test result? ... (0 replies)
... my ANA test is 62 could it still be lupus? ... (3 replies)
... Finally got the results of 2nd blood test. ANA still 1:1280. Doc won't refer me to rheumatologist. He says to wait 3 more months then get more blood tests and in the meantime take the prescription for Amitrip (the anti depressant)!. I am getting no where fast. I've rung several rheumys about making an appointment anyway, but none of them will see me without a referral from my... (14 replies)
... I was tested 4 weeks ago and Dr said ANA was positive. ... (14 replies)
... I have had chronic candida since March of this year. For most of my life, I have had lowered immunity and recent blood work showed a WELL BELOW normal level of the immunoglobulin G which means that my immune system is out of whack. My immunoglobulin A was also on the low end but still within acceptable range. ... (1 replies)
... What is a normal ANA test? ... (3 replies)
... Thanks Vee. Yeah, I noticed the second test seemed to measure differently. I will definately talk with the rhumi I'm going to next month! Thanks for the book referral! ... (6 replies)
... (6 replies)
... Dear Jackie Lu, Welcome to you! There are two excellent hardcovers out there that I'be browsed. One by Dr. Robert Lahita & another by Dr. Daniel Wallace both cover a huge range of topics. You can find these at many bookstores and libraries. Anyway, Dr. Wallace calls 1:1280 (or 30 IU's) a high result that tends to mean a rheumatic disease exists. I'm wondering:... (6 replies)

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