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Nose ulcers?
Dec 24, 2005
... Hi Kelley, a nose ulcer is an "open wound" in your nose. It's pretty rare in my understanding for Lupus patients to get the nose ulcers but, it can occur. ... (2 replies)
Nose ulcers?
Dec 24, 2005
... would it cause your nose to bleed all the time? ... (2 replies)
... ulcer on the septum in my nose and I'm wondering if I should go back in for the blood work again or continue to monitor things. According to the Dr. ... (1 replies)

Mar 3, 2012
... weeks. I'm able to get up and go to university all day and still have energy. I've had one nose ulcer, no mouth ulcers in the past 3 weeks. I haven't noticed any improvement in the other symptoms. ... (0 replies)
Nose sores
Oct 15, 2009
... I'm jealous ;), can your government officials try to talk some sense into Mr. Obamacare??? My health ins. is SO exp and God forbid I ever get a diagnosis for all of my crazy symptoms, it will skyrocket! (8 replies)
Nose sores
Oct 13, 2009
... Omg I have had ulcer type sores in my nose for 1.5yrs Dr keeps giving me antibiotics because they always get infected. I will be asking for vasculitis test next time I see him. ... (8 replies)
Nose & Lupus
Apr 24, 2007
... I've been experiencing one of them feelings in my R nostril like there's something in it... like you'd feel when there's a booger to blow out - sorry about that... lol, but nothing comes out. Today it started burning. I've had some blood come out. Do you think it could be dry, which would be less likely in spring w/ the humidity & all, or do you think it may be an ulcer? It's... (0 replies)
... bleeds. I never have a nose bleed. I woke up with one the other day. Just wiped my nose and it was gushing out. It stopped after 15mins so I put it down to banging my nose in my sleep... ... (28 replies)
Nape of Neck rash
Jan 13, 2004
... My doctor here in Yukon, Canada says that both have to be positive at the same time, which I know is incorrect. I had every symptom of Lupus, from ulcers in my nose to being constantly tired, and muscle pain and joint pain. I even get a pimple in my left ear each time before a real flare up, same with the ulcer in my nose. ... (6 replies)
... I also had a few nose sores lately. ... (14 replies)
... int where i couldn't hold a pencil or walk by myself. That's when the fibro was ruled out because I had so much inflammation. Then I began getting these horrible ulcer like sores in my nose and mouth and all my hair starting falling out. Then the rashes came. ... (17 replies)
... My problems all started when I was about 21. I had this huge painless ulcer in the roof of my mouth. I was sent to UK hospital to have it biopsied and it turned out to be nothing. Then I was diagnosed with mono. ... (4 replies)
So confused
Apr 10, 2006
... joints. I am very very tired some days. But never really feel normal. I have about one week a month I feel some what okay. I do get a red rash over my cheeks and nose and my hair falls out. Glands in my throat swell for no apparent reason. I get reqular headaches, not really throbbing just make my head kind of foggy. ... (0 replies)
... I don't have stomach problems that I know of. My stomach never hurt and I NEVER have heartburn. That's why when the dr. said I could have gastritis and ulcer related stuff I laughed. I NEVER get heartburn but he said that's irrelevant. Then he found out I had h. ... (2 replies)
Nasal ulsers
Apr 5, 2002
... Hi - A nasal ulcer is a cut/fissure in the nose. Sometimes due to dryness. Of course I'm no expert, but that is my interpretation. (2 replies)
... and be sure to remind him to look in your nose during your next exam. ... (2 replies)

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