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... My allergist ran ana panels twice and both came back positive with 1:1280. The rest of my bloodwork was normal and did not specify a specific autoimmune disease. I was referred to a rheumatologist. I do not have 4/11 symptoms for diagnosis and my doctor does not want to treat my lab results. He treats symptoms. My symptoms are as follows: Mom has epstein barr Subnormal temp... (9 replies)
... My ANA has always been positive for 4 years. ... (8 replies)
... Good to know alicake. Thank you! My rheumatologist and allergist both told me about the 15% of the population with a positive ana and nothing else, but they said those are not usually a high positive like mine (1:1280). They both acted like symptoms would be coming. My appointment in August is with Dr. David Mclain. He is the guru around here and many people travel out of... (9 replies)

... uable info. My thyroid levels always come back normal. They have been checked several times. My a1c is always normal as well. The labs they ran in addition to my ana were... C reactive protein 1. ... (9 replies)
... If your Lupus is in remission, a negative result can occur. You can even still have Lupus without ever having a positive ANA. Clinical symptoms need to be there, I'm sure. ... (8 replies)
... is substantially higher than the elevation seen in people whose ANA elevates due only to a family tendency. You could ask what numbers are typical for that scenario. ... (3 replies)
Ana 1:1280
Nov 21, 2012
... dies that attack our own cell matter, and thus are called "autoantibodies". The cornerstone test is ANA, but it can't diagnose anything really, because it can be positive in a number of conditions. ... (1 replies)
... rheumatoid factor so he says I definitely don't have lupus or ra. He is starting me on hydroxychloroquine but only because of my joint pain he says. He said the ana is likely hereditary... ... (3 replies)
... I can't say Quest wasn't appropriate with their testing. I don't know. But there can be false negatives that occur in ANA testing. I would just have it rechecked again to be sure of the results. My guess would be that your Lupus may be in remission. ... (8 replies)
... next month, but in the meantime I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts about what this could be. GP say a negative dsDNA means I don't have Lupus, and that the ANA could be a false positive? ... (6 replies)
... I was curious as to why your dr. has repeated your ANA so many times? ... (8 replies)
... I have been on Plaquenil for 4 years, but have still had the increasingly high ANA during treatment. We just moved from CA to TX and I loved my rheumatologist there. ... (8 replies)
... Ro is associated with Sjogren's syndrome, and it can also be positive in people with lupus. ... (9 replies)
... Smith are more specific although not often positive in lupus. ... (9 replies)
... A + ANA does not always mean lupus. Many of your symptoms are suggestive of a low thyroid level, and an autoimmune thyroid condition (hashimoto's) can cause a + ANA. I would at least request to have both thyroid hormone and thyroid antibody levels run now to check for Hashimoto's/hypothyroidism, through your PCP, as that may shed some light on at least some of your symptoms. (9 replies)
... I talked to a couple of women recently with MCTD, said both their ANA & RNP lowers with taking plaquenil and prednisone. So I was right it can do that. LOL. Weather change doesn't bother me nor am I sensitive to the touch but sure am with a punch (my daughter's becoming an expert of doing that), she thinks she's funny. But my mom has that kind of pain, for her it's... (8 replies)
... Teresacar, You seemingly have a few things going on that unfortunately *probably* don't shout out a single answer. Obviously, I'm just a patient; but based on what I've read & experienced, here are some reasons lupus is so hard to diagnose. * There's no single test (or tests) to prove or disprove lupus. Instead, the systemic form is Dx'ed by meeting at least 4 of 11... (10 replies)
... Sometimes these things take time to develop, the bloodwork can be positive years before symptoms, or symptoms can arise before bloodwork. ... (9 replies)
... In the labs you posted the anti dsDNA is significantly elevated and that test is very specific to lupus. Could you please repost the rest of the labs with the reference ranges in (). These vary somewhat lab to lab, and would help in evaluating whether neg or positive. Thanks! (9 replies)
... ANA is positive in a variety of conditions, not just lupus. And it can also be positive due to a passing virus, aging, etc. So your GP makes sense when he says elevated ANA doesn't prove lupus. ... (6 replies)

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