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... I'm New here and hoping someone can help me out. I had my blood results come back with a Positive ANA and Positive dsDNA. I don't see a number for the ANA but the dsDNA shows 19. ... (3 replies)
... My Rheumatologist says that he wants to monitor me every 6 months to a year because my dsDNA is positive. ... (7 replies)
... I have none of the 11 symptoms you listed, maybe I have one since my dsDNA is positive. That's why I'm so puzzled. ... (7 replies)

... opinions on what a borderline positive dsDNA test might mean in my case. I don't have a diagnosis yet. ... (6 replies)
... Docs cannot figure out what is going on. Positive dsdna and negative ANA. I have pain in my arms that feels like my arms are on fire!! ... (18 replies)
... ed me to go see a Rheumatologist. I did, he tested me, my ANA came back negative, he retested, still negative, 3 months later, retested, still negative. But my dsDNA was at 13.8 the first time, and 3 months later right now it's at 17.9. I don't have any symptoms. ... (7 replies)
... Welcome KM to the boards. I think we can help you. You do have several symptoms suggestive of lupus, plus two tests that support the diagnosis. 19 is not very high on the dsDNA, and many people with lupus have low numbers like this and do not have kidney involvement. This level fluctuates some, but for reference sake, some people have anti-dsDNA in the 100-400 range when they... (3 replies)
... Jen, hi & welcome. I'm just a patient, so please read in that light! My recent labs display the following ranges for anti-dsDNA, in IU/ml. < 25 is negative 25 to 34.9 is equivocal 35 to 99.9 is weak positive 100 to 200 is positive > 200 is strong positive BUT your lab may use different reference ranges than my lab, OR your test may have been a different anti-dsDNA... (18 replies)
... for diagnosis a positive test for a specific antibody is more important than is a negative ANA test. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, I had a couple of questions for anyone with positive dsDNA, please!! Sorry this is lengthy, please bear with me. ... (4 replies)
... To his surprise the anti dsDNA came back at 17. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks Vee! I was reading all of the pinned posts for a week before I joined as a member. I had high cholesterol, but all of my bloodwork and urinalysis results were normal except for the ANA and dsDNA. Quest has any dsDNA below 10 IU/mL as negative, and above that is posetive. Of course that's all subjective. At first, I didn't see how I could have lupus because I just... (18 replies)
... now. My MD and I are treating my post menopause insomnia and I'm hoping that will stabilize my immune system a bit. I was truly gobsmacked to read the ANA and dsDNA results. ... (18 replies)
... dsDNA is specific for lupus, so with that said, one positive test result doesn't make a diagnosis. This antibody is associated with kidney manifestations of lupus, so watching the urine may prove helpful. ... (18 replies)
... hat I am a hypochondriac and have OCD and is sending me to a counselor because he doesnt believe my symptoms are real. My nuerologist says that the titers on the dsDNA are too low to be considered positive for lupus. No doctor can help me so far. ... (18 replies)
... Your next set of blood tests will be helpful. The photos of your red arms and chest area are significant and should be shown to your Dr. It is possible a skin biopsy with immunofluorescent studies would be helpful for diagnosis. The rashes of lupus are so varied, and sometimes they are only a "blush" of redness or red splotchy spots like on your chest. The immunofluorescent... (6 replies)
... Thanks for the reply, Vee. The paper just says that the dsDNA was detected and the titer was 1:10. I think if it is not lupus it is a seizure disorder. I have had a myriad of strange symptoms, if my eyes didnt hurt so bad trying to type on here, I would type more about them. I think I am going to get one more opinion from one more doctor. It couldnt hurt. (18 replies)
... I recently had blood work done and all came back undetected except for DsDNA at a titer of 1:10. My nuerologist and internist and general doctor all say that this is negative for lupus. I have had some symptoms, namely photophobia and seizure like symptoms. Can anyone offer any insight? Are my doctors right? (18 replies)
... Sea, I know first hand your frustration. I had a positive ANA that continued to increase and so did my joint pain. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, Kaypee, and welcome! If your lab uses the same ranges mine does for anti-ds-DNA, then your results = 32 are in the "equivocal" range. My lab uses the following: < 25 is negative 25 to 34.9 is equivocal 35 to 99.9 is weak positive 100 to 200 is positive > 200 is strong positive I've read that it's possible to have slightly elevated ANA & anti-ds-DNA yet NOT have... (18 replies)

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