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... Still no call from the neuro dr. about my tilt table test for the autonomic disease, and no call yet from my family dr. about my neck x ray and urin test. I'll start the vitD 1000 IU tonight and 1000mcg the methyl vitb12 tomorrow morning, and I'll go from there. (28 replies)
... I saw my pcp today and he also said vitb12 of 244 is low, to take 1000mcg a day, but after reading these posts I'm going to start at least with a sublingual 2000 mcg a day. He also said the testing for vitb12 absorption ( shilling test ) is no longer awailable ?? I will ask my neuro dr. too. He also recommended 1000 IU of vit. D a day, maybe I'll make that a 2000 IU at least... (28 replies)
... Depending on how the tilt test went, its possible they can find out if you have autonomic dysfunction. Could cause a lot of the dizziness, and heart racing, BP drops, etc. It can be caused by a few conditions (including lupus, or ehlers danlos, etc etc). I dont know about absorption issues with b12, I do know the best way to find out if vitamin D is working is to take... (28 replies)

... Maybe things are getting interesting. I had the tilt table test today ( I did pretty good ) I don't know the results yet, but because I registered for the Follow my health with University hospitals , the dr. who was with me on the test already put into my account TACHYCARDIA, UNSPECIFIED so I saw that online. 4 years ago I went to the ER because of a rapid heartbeat, spent a... (28 replies)
... A urine check is essential when considering lupus as a diagnosis. There are several ways lupus can affect the urine IF the kidneys are involved: excess protein or blood, casts (not normally seen). It is so simple, yet often forgotten in the work-up. Sublingual B12 is available OTC, and it will say SL or sublingual (small print sometimes) on the label. As low as yours is, 2000... (28 replies)
... Any of you takes the sublingual methylcobalamin b12 ? It has to be a prescription or you buy it yourself ? (28 replies)
... 2 years ago the rheumy checked the TSH and the TPO ( they were ok ) but the neurologist this time checked the TSH only ( the order said: TSH with reflex to free T4 if abnormal ) but the TSH was ok. What is a HLA - B27 ? ( reference range : negative ) and my was negativ, 2 years ago. Also back then Immunoglobulin G serum was a little high , 1671 ( 700-1600 ), but the rheumy... (28 replies)
... That's good to know. I am not familiar with all the different testing methods available, so I'll keep that in mind. I was blown away when I saw >400 results on a friend when mine runs in the 20-30 range! Thanks for the additional info. (28 replies)
... These tests where from 2 different doctors, I don't know if it was 2 different labs also. I'm going to see my old rheumy ( they booked my appointment as a new patient because I didn't see him for 2,5 years ) and I'm going to see a different one for a second opinion. Unfortunately nothing before April with the rheumies but I will see mu PCP for my stiff neck this friday and... (28 replies)
... Many people with lupus have low B12 counts. Your lab uses an unusually low cut off for low end of range, as it is normally 400-1000. There are lots of reasons why B12 can be low, but it usually has to do with absorption (lack of), seen in pernicious anemia, celiac disease and other malabsorption states. If you take B12 orally and your count doesn't come up, it indicates you... (28 replies)
... What about the vit b12 level ? 2 years ago( actually 2 and a half ) was 259 and now it's 244 ( out of 211-911 range ). The rheumy didn't even mention it as low, now the neurologist say it's kind a low. So is it a "good" sign that actually it didn't go really lower since then ? ( I know that people have problems even with higher numbers ) So how can I know the b12 is a problem ? (28 replies)
... Not been tested for APS , and only TSH was tested, should I ask for something more specific for a thyroid check ? ( never had a problem with it, so I don't know details ). Thank you ! (28 replies)
... I didn't have any problems with a sun so far, we go every year to Cancun to enjoy the beach and sun. What are your experiences with b12 shots or pills ? any side effects ? and how about vit. D ? Thank you again for your detailed answers, I really appreciated ! (28 replies)
... nysue, I'm just a patient but I think your labs and symptoms could be suggestive of lupus, but only depending on your lab levels. To put your lab results into context, you really do need the reference ranges. Also, there are OTHER tests typically run when lupus is suspected, so you'd want to know what ELSE was run. Could you procure hardcopy of your labs? To illustrate.... (28 replies)
Feb 14, 2015
... antibody, as a positive in either of those would lend support to a lupus diagnosis. ... (1 replies)
... r to maintain as many aspects of a healthy lifestyle that she can. Arguing about WHAT it is takes energy away from both of you that would be better spent in more positive ways. ... (15 replies)
? about testing
Oct 11, 2014
... Goldy, many rheums wont repeat certain antibody tests once you've been diagnosed. IE ANA once positive is considered always positive. It doesnt measure disease activity. ... (7 replies)
Very confused
Sep 24, 2014
... I also have a current diagnosis of fibromyalgia after seeing a new rheumatologist. He's also re running my dsdna for a 3rd time, as its been positive twice before. ... (31 replies)
... negative lupus, meaning their ANA never turns positive in spite of obvious and long term symptoms. ... (12 replies)
... is definitely positive at a significant level. If you have symptoms of lupus as well, this could be the key to your diagnosis. ... (3 replies)

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