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... Hello, I recently had some lab work completed by my rheumatologist. My anti-dsDNA was positive 30 iu/ml and I have a high CRP 7.8. Does these results plus my symptoms indicate Lupus? Iím so confused. I greatly appreciate any advice you can provide. Thank you. Symptoms: Bilateral Joint Pain (feet) Headaches - (Burning, tingling, Sharp) Fatigue Mouth sores Constant... (1 replies)
... I'll mention it to one of my doctors! My neurologist originally wanted to prescribe it to me for my migaines but I'm allergic to NSAID's so he didn't. I've been in so much pain, I decided to risk an allergic reaction & have been taking naproxen and so far, haven't had any adverse reactions. I'm just nervous about taking more of it because i'm worried about an allergic... (5 replies)
... I do hope you get an appointment soon. If you are not on rx naproxen, you might ask your pcp for it. Since it is helping some, the rx dose is more than double the OTC dose, and insurance may cover the rx cost. It's 500 mg twice a day instead of the 220mg you get OTC. Please keep us posted on your progress. (5 replies)

... thank you so much for replying! I have been put on the cancellation list & my PCP did mention she would call and see if I can get in quicker, but every time she has done so it hasn't helped much. I've been taking naproxen which helps somewhat, but not a lot unfortunately. It is definitely a relief finally getting answers, because I had always suspected lupus but no doctor ever... (5 replies)
... positive. I am going to ask today to have further tests done. I also know that I'm not necessarily in an "active" phase right now so that may explain why my anti dsDNA was low. ... (7 replies)
... Looking at the tests she ordered, she did not order the ENA panel, but did order C3, C4 and anti dsdna. She basically seemed like she wanted to see positive blood tests before commenting further on lupus. ... (15 replies)
... my symptoms, and my blood work from ER and Urgent Care. She said that there's stuff that catches her eye, but it's not enough for her to bite into. She said my dsDNA antibody from Urgent Care was positive and that tends to go with Lupus. However, she wanted to run more blood work. ... (22 replies)
Lupus and ...
Dec 29, 2015
... Sjogrens does cause vaginal dryness in some, so that is certainly a good idea to pursue. The biopsy may even help with the diagnosis of it. If you are over 35, I would consider perimenopause as women with lupus often have early menopause. (6 replies)
Lupus and ...
Dec 28, 2015
... Hello All! This board has seen me through some very difficult times over the past couple of years (Special thanks to Veej and Ladybud!). I was diagnosed with Graveís disease in 2008 later developing more into Hashiís and in 2013 I was diagnosed with Lupus. At the time of my Lupus diagnosis I had a positive anti-dsdna, thrombocytopenia, anemia, joint pain, sun sensitivity,... (6 replies)
... Smith or dsDNA antibody is positive, it is more lupus confirming. ... (3 replies)
Nov 18, 2015
... said she did not know about letter from immunologist so i showed her mine she left room came back and booked me in for all sorts of tests, she confirmed that my dsdna was certainly a strong positive aand indicative of lupus...... ... (11 replies)
... Does anyone else experience knots under the skin (hard feeling) with a red rash topically that is hot to the touch? My daughter seems to have this as a type of flareup. She has actually been hospitalized twice with this. The first time (on her leg) was before her diagnosis (undifferentiated connective tissue disease with positive SSA and dsDNA) and everyone thought it was... (2 replies)
Possible SLE case?
Aug 22, 2015
... In reviewing the beginning of this thread, a few things come to mind. Your chest pain sounds pleuritic, which is pain in chest upon taking a deep breath. It is often stabbing, sharp pain and is intermittent but lasts minutes to hours at a time. It is caused by inflammation of the lining over the lungs and inside the chest cavity, and is a classic symptom of lupus. Pleurisy... (5 replies)
... Sm and dsDNA were normal, like all the other values. I took all kind of tests, which all came back normal, except from schirmer. ... (3 replies)
Apr 7, 2015
... Thank you for your response. Yes, since she was giving me information on plaquenil, I am assuming she will put me on it when I see her on Thursday. I do have a bunch of the symptoms. Extreme fatigue, malar rash, at the time positive ANA and Anti-dsdna, headaches, low grade fevers, swelling in my finger tips, pain in joints and muscles and two days after I went to the rheumy... (6 replies)
... Well that annoying. I guess I confused 2 of my derms from years ago. I knew I had seen him before but couldnt remember which one I didnt like... Showed up in his waiting room and thought "crud, it was this one" Fastest dr appointment ever. he did a quick lookover... Rash wasnt flaring, so he said it all looks like folliculitis (Acne?) and the red spots are scars, since he... (5 replies)
... were negative, but they could always be repeated to see if they have changed. Negatives sometime turn positive over time. ... (1 replies)
... I had a very good visit with my PCP. Heís concerned about my depression, but I really and truly think Iím depressed because I donít have any energy. Since I took a vacation to explore places to retire last month, not normal behavior for patients with major depression, he put depression simmering on a side burner. Tomorrow Iíll go in for an abdominal ultrasound. If itís... (10 replies)
... the level of how positive it is. ... (73 replies)
... Im not sure if the complements were by bioplex, just the dsdna test I know for sure was for me in at least one instance, maybe two. ... (42 replies)

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