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... VeeJ has given you some excellent information:). I would just like to add a little personal experience......when I was first dxd with SLE my ana was 1:40 speckled, low sed rate........but I was also tested for anti-dsdna (highly positive result) and c3 and c4 levels were both low and several other things like igg (high) were off. At the time I was covered with disc... (6 replies)
Feb 3, 2008
... SSB it is actually called Anti ro SSA or Anti Ro SSB. SSb is usually seen positive SSB in Primary Sjogrens...SSA is not specific and can be seen in Sjorgrens, SCLE and SLE. ... (6 replies)
Jun 4, 2007
... I suppose it is possible that you are misdiagnosed, but your symptoms sound pretty typical for sle. I too have had/have petechia. Some of the spots on my arm have been there for about 1 1/2 years. Also, if you tested positive for ant-dsdna......that pretty much seals the whole Lupus DX. Could it be that you are flaring/getting ready to flare:( ? (10 replies)

... dsdna, high igg, positive for c3,c4. ... (5 replies)
... Question: Are you saying that if your Hemoglobin and Hemocratic are elevated then your sed rate will be lower? I have a positive ana 1:160, my DsDNA is 9, I get the mouth ulcers, the rash on my face, my chest is tight and weezey - I do not have asthma and an inhaler does not help, my joints hurt so bad! I can not sleep thru the night because the pain is so intense. I am on... (3 replies)
Blue Fingers
Sep 14, 2006
... I have sle, my Doctor tested me for Rheumatoid factor in the beginning along with several tests for Lupus. My Rheumatoid factor came back negative, the Lupus tests were all positive. The Lupus tests I can recall that she ran were ANA, Anti-DSDNA, IGG, IGM, IGA, SSA, Anti-RO, Anti-SM, C3, C4, she also tested for Strep, Lyme, and ran several other tests for kidney and liver... (8 replies)
... after studying all the test results and he confirmed it the first visit. I also had the SM antibodies, which is another test that points to lupus. I also had a positive test for sclerderma, after the examination, he said these test results cant be right and did the test again. ... (21 replies)
... the rheumy ran other panels. anti dsdna, etc. i was highly positive for all. even though i still remained a symptomatic. ... (6 replies)
... Hi to all, I went to my rheumy yesterday, and she finally gave me the definitive lupus diagnosis. She said that she has diagnosed other patients with less symptoms; my symptoms are there, just mild or vague. I have a rash but it is more of a blush, and it's not in the classic places; I don't have low complement levels or the dsDNA antibodies; my mouth sores only last a... (7 replies)
... Well here's my latest as of today: First of all, I took my boys to the park and played in the sun for a good hour this morning --->sprouted a malar rash, faint but visible :rolleyes: ---> induced joint swelling and redness :nono: ---> also got two new mouth sores today :D ---> hours later also had a resurrection of my axillary lymph node tenderness which had almost gone... (30 replies)
... Greetings ryanenrose (hope I got that right, sorry if I didn't)--- I just want to say I feel your pain!!!!!! and definetely share your frustration. I've been in denial I believe a good two years. I was just a new mom and then I was just pregnant and then it was that I work nights but finally things just got worse and worse and worse no matter what I did to get better. And... (4 replies)
Jul 28, 2004
... anything over 200 on the anti dsdna test is considered extremely high positive. ... (4 replies)
... ps... :wave: I just reread and noticed Angelic had stated in a reply here that anti-DsDNA is 97...+ % positive for lupus.... I'm not trying to contradict.. in my research I've read it is 99.9% postivie for lupus.... :yawn: (23 replies)
Jul 1, 2004
... With Lupus has anyone ever experience a TIGHT throat?? And an achy head? It doesn't hurt to touch..just to flex. I wouldn't even know it was sore if I didn't flex it... You know what I mean? And what is prednisone? I keep hearing it.... the years of living with Lupus are you guaranteed to have at least one major organ affected?? Last question. I felt... (1 replies)
... DSDNA is a specific test for lupus and yours came out in the low positive range. Your ANA is very high. I would bet my bottom dollar that you've got lupus. ... (1 replies)
... dsDNA was 30. That's positive isn't it? ... (4 replies)
... Hi there... I'm still plugging along waiting for a dx... at this point the rheumy (young, inexperienced and overworked) said that since my ANA was negative the one time it was done, she'll say it's not Lupus, because if I was that sick the ANA would be very high. She tested me for vasculitis, because of the low c3 c4, but she did the ANCA test althougth those vasculitides... (29 replies)
... Hi there, My concern would be that you require more testing in order to figure out why those levels are high. There is a great number of things that can cause liver enzymes to become elevated.. my suspicion would be inflammation. I would push your doctor to get you treated before things really go bad- after all, we only have one liver. Have you seen a Rheumatologist? ... (1 replies)
... Wow....THANKS!!!! I had an immunologist tell me I have sjorgens or lupus, but luckily didnt have symptoms? I had a lupus specialist tell me I didnt have it, and two doctors telling me I dont have lupus either...Hmmmm... No wonder I think I'm crazy... :( They said I just carry the virus? Yet I had complications when I was pregnant, my immune system was attacking the lupus... (3 replies)
... Hi It means you almost certainly have lupus assuming your symptoms fit the clinical picture. Anti ds DNA is specific for lupus and the other results are highly indicative. You need another doctor ASAP. Meanwhile make sure your urine has been tested. Some of these doctors......................... ! Clare (3 replies)

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