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... on whats going on, along with the positive dsdna and other symptoms. ... (7 replies)
... I had a lot of energy and buzz-bombed for about three days running, then I crashed hard yesterday. I got a good night's sleep and feel much better today. My primary symptoms are fatigue and stamina problems, shortness of breath and arthritis. And as it turns out, I'm just a little young but otherwise fit the late-onset lupus. Flares are less intense, the disease tends to... (18 replies)
... Hi. If, before your pain started, you were taking any med that's been implicated in DILE, when you see the rheum, if he/she repeats labs, you could ask (before sample is sent to lab) whether anti-ss-DNA and anti-histone are included in the panels. (Those may both be add-on tests that aren't included in the standard AI panels---I'm not sure.) I borrowed books, found which I... (18 replies)

... My memory isn't perfect, but my sun rash was worst on my legs. It would usually erupt after about half an hour of sun exposure. It was somewhat itchy and small, flat, round spots. I don't think it matches any of the lupus rashes. But my recollection isn't perfect 25 years later. The one test my doctor didn't order was Vitamin D. But when I started taking 2000 IU/day I... (18 replies)
... Hi. Now I'm really curious. What did your rash all those years ago look like & feel like? Do any of the rashes described in the "sticky post" on skin problems ring bells? I'm curious because I've never had a malar, either. I had 8 years of the annular form of SCLE, and didn't that befuddle my suburban doctors! The two SCLE rashes correlate strongly (but not 100%) to the... (18 replies)
... Re: pics, the best I could find is as follows. Open "Posting Rules" hyperlink, then scroll about halfway down to the header "How to Share Information". There you'll see how to contact the appropriate party. Bye. (18 replies)
... P.S. I just checked in one of my books. Rheumatoid nodules are seen in upwards of 35% of people with RA, so maybe you could get those nodules checked out? Can't hurt! Good luck. (18 replies)
... I'd wait until you get the titer back, as she may rethink things if it is high. You don't have to have a rash to be diagnosed with lupus. Any combination of 4 of the 11 criteria are sufficient, and actually those are just guidelines, not absolutes. Dr's can use their discretion with these, as there are many other symptoms of lupus that aren't part of the 11 on the list. If... (21 replies)
... I just posted here a few days ago. I had a positive dsDNA with low titers. I have been experiencing neurological manifestations and photosensitivity. ... (4 replies)
... I hope you get clarity soon & that it's something "simpler" than a seizure disorder. But I'd have my eyes checked by an eye dr., if you haven't already... as everyone should have that done regularly. Good luck! (18 replies)
... I can only speak to the sclero side of UCTD, but my understanding is that complement does not drop in sclero, usually but not always. In fact, mine is usually high. I believe that complement levels in lupus are lower than in MCTD. I also think that lupus specific and sclero specific antibodies are absent in MCTD. I don't know about the ANA patterns, but the specific... (27 replies)
... My initial symptom was chronic fatigue, and then pain. I had a very low vitamin D level and low B-12 and after treatment my muscle weakness went away, either or it was the plaquenil that helped it go away. Can he do a test to check to see if it's neuropathy? I also have neuropathic pain and get shooting pains & tingling sensations, that can really hurt sometimes. Treatment for... (4 replies)
... Good morning, Cheri. One of my books discusses two kinds of SLE kidney involvement. But please read what I write here in the light of my being only a patient, and my NOT having first-hand experience of kidney issues! Nephrotic syndrome. Kidney spills large amounts of protein and serum albumin levels drop very low. Is indicated by bloodwork showing elevated BUN &/or... (4 replies)
... Vee, Thanks so much for your reply. I really appreciate the info you shared with me. I'm glad you mentioned the urinalysis because this is one thing that has been in the back of my mind, wondering why the dr. hasn't tested my urine since this all began. I was assuming they must feel they can tell my kidney function from the blood work they have done, but yet I keep... (4 replies)
... Hi and welcome! I believe anti-ds-DNA is considered very indicative of SLE, also that some rheumatologists "make the call" based pretty much only on it, even though the accepted diagnostic criteria call for a patient's meeting 4 or more of the 11 over time. (But, of course, I'm only a patient...!) In your shoes, I'd consider whether to stick with your current... (4 replies)
... Seaworld, I'd be confused, too. But from what you've written, I'd do just what your reputable rheumatologist recommends: have checkup every 6 months to one year. ALSO, read & know the common presenting symptoms of lupus, since anti-ds-DNA is considered very specific to SLE. Also, line up a reputable dermatopathologist* for any new rash you get. (* That's a dermatologist +... (7 replies)
... I can't even begin to imagine a person having Lupus without any symptoms present. Until I started treatment not too long back, my life was 13 years of severe fatigue, being bed ridden (either sleeping or just laying in bed too sick to do anything else) with chronic muscle/joint pain. And I believe anyone with an AI disease is going to feel that way if they aren't being treated... (7 replies)
... Laura, I forgot to ask if urinalysis was done, to check for protein, in that lupus nephritis hits the radar screen when anti-ds-DNA is positive. But I'm just a patient... and you'll definitely want *real doctors* to address this & your earlier questions! I hope your mom & you have made progress. Let us know how you're both doing, if you have the time, that is. Best... (6 replies)
... Laura, From what I've read (but I'm only a patient), I'd not trust a rheumie who didn't deem positive anti-ds-DNA significant. If this doctor's "thought" (!?) was to run more bloodwork later to see if he got the same results?---well, he should have said that & not called it Fibro. I've had friends in HMO's caught in diagnostic limbo who needed a better doctor. You... (6 replies)
... Thanks teachergirl64 for the info. I am praying that when i go see the rheumy he will shed some light into all this. God bless. (15 replies)

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