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Facial rash
Apr 29, 2004
... I am wondering what kind of facial rash you get with Lupus. Luke, 2, has been tested for Lupus 3 times and the results are negative. ... (9 replies)
Red facial rash?
Mar 14, 2009
... Hi, The rash you described sounds like what happens with me. I have SLE and all the worrisome symptoms that come along with it, for example the Malar or Butterfly rash. ... (4 replies)
Facial rash
May 2, 2004
... Is the facial rash like pimples? ... (9 replies)

Red facial rash?
Mar 13, 2009
... has been getting a weird red rash on her face. It comes at odd times. ... (4 replies)
Red facial rash?
Mar 15, 2009
... She came out looking like death and very ill. Her pain was bad and the rash was there. I opted not to take her to ER as they are ineffective. ... (4 replies)
Red facial rash?
Mar 13, 2009
... ups etc. She and I have been over everything. She did get a weird clear bubbly rash on her chest in early Feb , I remember this was exactly around Fri the 13th! She is not running a fever, it is only 99. ... (4 replies)
... can become bigger. Patients complain about the rash being very itchy. The rash usually appears on the face, chest, or arms and commonly comes on after sun exposure, and can usually worsens after more sun exposure. ... (4 replies)
Itchy facial rash
Aug 27, 2010
... It sems i suffer the same thing. Well, lets see. For years i get red itchy rashes over my face. Mostly my nose and cheeks. Somtimes, but rarely, on my chin too. ... (4 replies)
Itchy facial rash
Apr 25, 2009
... Has anyone experienced a severely itchy, majorly red rash that presents like a bad sunburn then eventually swells and develops tiny blisters that ooze clear fluid? ... (4 replies)
... I'm not sure if you know that I have a rash like you describe on my chest and neck. I posted it before but you may have missed it. This was the big reason my Dr. ... (12 replies)
... Luke has a similuar rash on his face. Red cheeks with what looks like pimples. He has no red nose rash, just on the cheeks. He also has a psorisis like rash on his body. Do you think this facial rash could be related to Lupus? ... (16 replies)
Rash question
Nov 3, 2004
... I will say that in my case, what really killed the rash for me was the prednisone. Yes, it was getting better on just the plaquenil, but that works so slowly. ... (4 replies)
... I've had the rash for over 2 months now and no sign of fading away yet. ... (8 replies)
... I have not been diagnosed either but have wondered if you could have a rash other than the facial rash as well. ... (11 replies)
... how often does this facial rash come and go? ... (16 replies)
... BUT symptoms can extend throughout the entire SLE range in some people. And some people with SCLE do get the "butterfly" facial rash strongly associated with SLE. ... (1 replies)
... How long after being in sun does your red facial rash last? ... (2 replies)
Red facial rash?
Mar 13, 2009
... Perhaps it is Slap Face disease...or aka Fifth disease. One of my granddaughters gets that. Do an online search and see if that matches what she has. (4 replies)
ANA weak positive
May 20, 2008
... try to make this short. 14yrs. ago I started the journey of trying to find out what the heck was causing my symptoms. Joint pain, fatigue, muscle pain, periodic red facial rash, unusual reactions to sun, headaches,to name just a few. I went to PCP he did some tests, showed nothing. ... (6 replies)
... when I would "sunburn" or be outside too long, or even felt stress it would be red over my cheeks and nose. ... (22 replies)

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