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... Fran, This is a "P.S." Apparently lupus-like symptoms have been seen people on Remicade, incl. positive ANA & anti-ds-DNA, facial rashes, etc. Have you found much info on this? And I forgot to ask if your daughter's doctor ran specific autoantibody tests, meaning BEYOND the basic ANA test---meaning anti-ds-DNA, etc. Plus, it can't hurt to ask for & keep copies of her... (11 replies)
... Fran, I'm sorry things have been so difficult for your daughter and yourself lately:(. After reading your post, I just wanted to share with you a little of my medical history.....When I was a young child I had a lot of bowel pain diareah, loss of bowel control. Sometimes my gastric sounds were so loud you could hear them from across the room:o My parents took me to a... (11 replies)
... Fran, wow! You two have a lot to deal with. So, what did you think when the GI dr. said he's not even sure it's Crohn's??? That's NOT reassuring, especially given that Remicade is ALSO used for OTHER inflammatory conditions, like RA and psoriatic arthritis (I just looked it up). Have you saved copies of all your daughter's lab results? i.e., has she been tested for a... (11 replies)

Dec 14, 2005
... I have Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been taking Plaquenil for one year along with steroids. I am weaning off the steroids right now due to Cushings effects. ... (4 replies)
... law was being evaluated for DILE, and also from Dr. Daniel Wallace's hardcover lupus book. FYI, Dr. ... (11 replies)
... see what you find. I don't think a match is "proof", because a drug reaction isn't necessarily a LUPUS reaction. But maybe you'll spot something worth discussing with the dr. who prescribed the antibiotic. I'm sure you NEVER want her to take it again. ... (11 replies)
... Funnygirl, Sadly I say this because I would never wish the Lupus Merry go Round on anyone, Welcome, you are in the best place for questions, suggestions & support this board and the "posters" are so caring and helpful. :angel: I am only giving you info that I have learned or experienced. And the names of meds are some that I am familiar with. Prednisone seems a pretty... (4 replies)
Dec 15, 2005
... your doc is right about remicade producing unwanted anti dsdna antibodies. ... (4 replies)
... Is that improvement or further supports that I might have lupus induced from Remicade or SLE? ... (7 replies)
... Hello I have has symptoms for 2 years after remicade, i have fixed deformaties of the hands because of it (7 replies)
... n my old rheumy tested me for ankylosing spondylitis,no, then lupus, always coming back to that, and then two years ago he told me I had RA, sero negative. I did Remicade for a while. One day when I went for Remicade the nurse wouldn't give it to me because she thought the acne on my arms was a rash. ... (2 replies)
New to the board
Feb 3, 2003
... Remember these Faqs about Lupus and all the symptoms of Lupus first there are accouple different typs of Lupus and Various symptoms for Lupus. not every one is the same from small child too teen to adult the diff typs of Lupus have diff affects diff symptoms. ... (4 replies)
... I know you just started lupus meds, so it's still early days. It's good that some problems have lifted a little and great that your MRI results were clear. ... (10 replies)
1-160 ana
Jun 8, 2013
... and am being tested for lupus now too. ... (1 replies)
... What kind of drugs depends on the diagnosis. That is why you need to see a rheumy. The drugs for lupus are not the same as the drugs for RA or the drugs for MCTD. It is getting quite tailored to your illness and symptoms. And they also treat in "levels". ... (16 replies)
Blue Fingers
Sep 15, 2006
... I've had a positive ana for years, but was only dx with lupus in November. My old rheumy said at first it was an unnamed autoimmune disease, and then changed it to fibromyalgia, and RA. ... (8 replies)
... years for someone to just acknowledge my abnormal labs and joint pain, and wonder how much longer I'll have to wait to get a definitive diagnosis. People with lupus usually do live normal lives, as long as they get the care they need when they need it. ... (6 replies)
Rheumatoid factor
Jul 21, 2004
... Shari, I wouldn't assume you have RA until your rheumy tells you that you for sure have it. I have more than enough criteria to be diagnosed with lupus and while my internist says that I have it, my rheumy hasn't made that determination yet. ... (15 replies)
New to the board
Feb 1, 2003
... Hi you should have the Dr. double check the skin change on her hands & nails and check her toe nails and skin. This sounds like the Reynod flaring up I would check this can be treated if cougt right away if you wait to long it could cause serious skin and nal damage. hope you can use this. Take care and good luck Sal (4 replies)
New to the board
Jan 31, 2003
... methotrexate. I believe it was higher than that before starting the med. We have had her heart, lungs and brain tested and they are all fine. They have ruled out lupus through bloodwork, although she does have some symptoms. Has anyone ever had symptoms like this? ... (4 replies)

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