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... This was a test to confirm Lupus but Normal titer was <1:80. With a titer of <1:160 be positive and what is Nucleolr (1 replies)
... Hi. I'm sorry that I didn't see this & write back before now! Anyhow, ANA is only a general test that can be positive in a wide variety of conditions, not just lupus. The ANA test involves doing successive dilutions, and inspecting the sample at each point to see if "fluoresced material" still shows up. The first value reported is 1:40---and from there, 1:80, 1:160, 1:320,... (1 replies)
... Could a cold virus make my ANA titer number shoot up that high? ... (2 replies)

1:160 Titer ANA
Jan 6, 2004
... Hello AngelicBrat. Thanks for your response. My Answers are in bold. Note: my ANA is 1:160 not 1:640. Does it really make a difference? Do you get mouth sores? NO Do you have a rash on your face or other places? It doesn't have to be a raging rash, it can be scaly too! No...never have. Do you get joint pain upon arising from bed in the morning or at night? My... (2 replies)
1:160 Titer ANA
Jan 6, 2004
... I just learned of my ANA test results today. I understand the concept of this test. I don't know where 1:160 stands other than "positive." Is this high, medium high, etc? The pattern was "homogenous." What does that mean? Does somebody know what the diagnosis usually is with that result? Does somebody have a chart that correlates ANA test results with various diagnoses?... (2 replies)
... I have read so much info about lupus and most state that a high titer ANA is more predictive of lupus than an low titer one. I was wondering how many people here have lupus and a low titer ANA. If so, does it always stay positive, or does it usually show up negative? ... (6 replies)
... to recheck my blood chemistry again in three months? I had it done last week and again my ANA was positive, my ANA titer is 1:160, low wbc under 3000, low rbc. Last year the ANA was positive with titer 1:160, low wbc and low rbc. I do not have the butterfly rash but do have a rash on the upper cheek only on one side but it has been there for ayear and spreading. I have mild... (1 replies)
... initial diagnosis was Lupus from the internal med doc. I saw the rheumy yesterday and he seems to think MCTD is what I am dealing with. I don't think that the titer correlates to how severe the disease is for you.....I hope this helps..... ... (6 replies)
1:160 Titer ANA
Jan 6, 2004
... Hi Coreo and welcome to the board! :) First off, the "normal" ANA titer is below 1:40. 1:40 is considered mildly positive. You are quite high with an ANA of 1:640!! An ANA can be specific to a whole range of autoimmune diseases, one being Lupus. What the important thing here is the stain pattern. Yours is homogenous, which is the most specific antibody for Lupus... (2 replies)
... That's interesting, I, too, have an ANA titer of 1:1280 and a nucleolar pattern. I also had a homogeneous pattern at 1:160. My doctor thinks I have early lupus, but not scleroderma because I don't have the skin changes. I do have acid reflux, which started a few months ago, and I know that is a sign of scleroderma. But it can be due to a wide variety of other conditions,... (5 replies)
... Hi - I am a 45 year old female and have been in excellent health my entire life. (With the exception of cervical dysplasia and a LEEP procedure 3 yrs ago). I have been under some significant stress over the past few years - - (job loss, divorced an alcoholic/abusive husband, and saw a loved one suffer a traumatic brain injury and never recover). But I've gotten my... (0 replies)
... I am seeing a rheumatologist! I have been very achy, my thyroid is up and a few other random things that all don't seem to add up. My ear gets red hot like in relapsing polychondritis but without any pain. My gp sent me to the rheumatologist because of my titer....which is up from a few years ago when it was 1:160. My c3 complement test came back very high too (205) -... (6 replies)
... HELP I forgot to mention: My ANA which came back positive has this: Pattern: DUAL. Antinuclear antibodies pattern: speckled titer 1:160 and Pattern titer homogeneous Am I reading it right? as my doctor didn't want to tell me the results. HELP ME SOLVE THIS MYSTERY. P.S the dual is in black inc. (13 replies)
ANA titer ????
Feb 5, 2002
... I got a copy of my test results & confused. I read everything referring to titers like 1:160 or something, mine just says ANA TITER result 80 (@a) ANA PATTERN result homogenous (@a), ana screen result says positive. ANY help or input please :-) My doctor seems to keep pushing me off. I feel like crap all the time. I don't have a 'rash' on my face, but notice my... (1 replies)
Ana 1:80
Nov 7, 2013
... Hi & welcome. ANA is a general test that can be positive in a variety of conditions in rheumatology (lupus, RA, Sjogren's, MCTD, etc.). Also endocrinology (Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Grave's disease, etc.). And gastroenterology (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, Celiac, etc.)... and more. And it can can elevate due only to a passing infection, a family tendency, and simple aging. ... (4 replies)
Ana titer
Mar 2, 2012
... pinklove1, hi & welcome. I'm just a patient, so please read in that light! I *think* that ANA reading is considered low because, of the two formats I've seen for ANA, it's likely the "ratio" format (as opposed to International Units = IU). If so, 1:40 would be the lowest positive that typically registers. Higher readings would progress as follows: 1:80, 1:160, 1:320,... (9 replies)
... I am so confused. My doctor will not return my calls at all. I am hurting! Two years ago my Titered Anti-Nuclear ABS was 1:320 speckled pattern SS-A. Doctor never said a word and since then I have a new doctor who said it was nothing. EVERTYHING I read says this is high and given I have Raynaud’s on my toes, easy bruising and bruises that last forever, frequent lower back... (3 replies)
... The data: 1. Lupus: + family history: My maternal Aunt died young 50's from Lupus complications Kidney & Stroke, Maternal Aunt alive in mid 60's, Maternal Great Uncle died in 80's, Maternal Cousin: My mom's brother's daughter's daughter YOUNG 13 years old Lupus IV Chemo. 2. Chronic low hemoglobin/low ferritin/low TSAT% 3. Chronic & extreme fatigue (despite... (3 replies)
?? Lupus ??
Mar 8, 2014
... My doctor asked if I have been tested for Lupus. No, I had not. I was tested after seeing the doctor, for Lupus. My test results from the lab for the ANA test shows "POSITIVE", ANA Titer 1:160, ANA Pattern NUCLEOLR I have not talked with the doctor yet, but am very worried with this diagnosis, knowing I only have one kidney. :( (1 replies)
... Hi all. Boxermama...I've had those awful facial flushes and when I get them a slight appears across the bridge of my nose and to my cheek. I would get them several times a day and usually I would sweat profusly. I have never had one while at the doc's but I was put put on plaquenil and I believe it has been helping. Haven't had that facial flush for a while now. It is... (27 replies)

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