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... It's been a little while since I posted here last. To recap; I'm a 25 year old female. After almost 6 months of tests, repeat tests, and mris, my diagnosis has finally been narrowed down to an "auto-immune process." And further narrowed to lupus or sjorgen's syndrome. I started seeing a rheumy last month in Boston who has narrowed things down to my repeat ANA... (6 replies)
... She was tested again this year at age 11. It was positive. I do not know the titer but this time the pattern was speckled. Is it normal to change patterns? ... (7 replies)
... Hi I hope you can help me. I posted yesterday - asking whether or not what is happening with me is lupus or fibromyalgia. One of the replies (thank you for replying!) said that it "sounds like fibromyalgia and that is a death sentence". That is so upsetting. Here is the post: (7 replies)

Correct Dx?
Jul 7, 2004
... should be... What is causing the elevated ANA titer then? ... (4 replies)
... Last 4 ANA test 3 months apart were positive with a titer of 1:160 Homogeneous, sed rate sometimes 5 sometimes 12, this last one ANA neg <1:40(didn't give titer)sed rate 4. My WBC is always low anywhere from 2,000 to 3,200. How can this be? These last 2 months in particular I have been the most fatigued ever(I'm a get up and go to the gymn every morning type person)where just... (2 replies)
... Hi This is my very first post and I hope someone can help me interpret some new information... I'm 42, Female, consider myself to be healthy except that I have epilepsy, since my teens, well controlled w/ medication. Went to my primary dr. - overall achy, terrible pain - as if I had worked out to the point of total muscle exhaustion. Feel in mostly in my legs, but... (3 replies)
... Yes I suspect so too, and I think it's quite unfair. There are people out there who are unwell who're being given the wrong diagnosis and aren't being taken seriously. I have read about ANA and it's downfalls. I don't know what my titer was/is because this is the first time I've ever got a copy of the blood tests. And even though ANA was ordered by my doctor it didn't show... (17 replies)
... All the labs are different, Just wanted to share. On one page of my lab work. It Shows: Antinuclear AB IU/ml Method of reporting Titer Method of reporting <7.5 Not Det. 8 1:40-1:80 (3 replies)
... Hi and welcome! This is not a normal titer number, I think a zero was left off the end or something. Titers double and go like this.... ... (7 replies)
... Hello and welcome. I'm sorry you're struggling so much, but we get that here! But before I move on, no worries about your English, please---it's great! Could you clarify that last ANA result you described as "1:100"? I only ask because if it was done by the titer method, 1:100 isn't valid. (1:40, 1:80, 1:160, 1:320, 1:640, etc. are valid.) But if it's a single number (the... (16 replies)
... Hi. I'm just a patient, and these are just my guesses, so please read in that light, OK? Re anti-ds-DNA, you could find 11 diagnostic/classification criteria for lupus in the "sticky post" section located right above the thread list. These may be met serially, meaning not simultaneously: envision checking each off in indelible ink, once met. You'll see that the anti-ds-DNA... (3 replies)
... Also, ANA may be weakly positive due only to a passing infection or virus, or even to a family tendency. Here's some perspective on your value. ANA is a titer test, in which controlled amounts of a test substance are added to your sample, one batch at a time, until the sample no longer fluoresces. ... (6 replies)
... is only slightly elevated. It's a titer test, wherein some subtance is added to your blood sample to make the "bad stuff" visible, then some other substance is added in "titers", a bit at a time. ... (8 replies)
... The last titer yielding a positive result is the one reported. ... (2 replies)
... The ANA levels typically fluctuate over time, not rise in a linear fashion. They may go higher in titer as the disease establishes itself early on, and they may go lower after treatment is started. ... (9 replies)
... I've been experiencing muscle aches, joint aches, fatigue, anemia at times, etc. and my bloodwork came back with low Vitamin D and positive ANA. The ANA is what has me confused. Everyone on here and every site registers the measuresments to be reported as 1:40, 1:80, 1:160, 1:320, etc. and I do understand the process. I went to LabCorp to have it done and this is what I... (1 replies)
... Hi Nancy, You bet! The titer is the 1:180 and 1:160 and the patterns are what you described. By looking at the pattern and your symptoms- I would bend towards Lupus for sure. The specialist is right that it is only ONE of the criteria, but look at your symptoms! And the pernicious anemia. I would really recommend that you see a Rheumatologist to see what he/she thinks.... (5 replies)
... :wave: Hi ya'll... It's been a few weeks since I've been on here. Had surgery Dec. 9th (recovered now) then the holidays and these last 2 weeks have been running in circles trying to dig up old records, receipts, calling docs asking for receipts and so much more........ because my tax preparer who did my 2002 tax return was found to have been involved in fraudulent... (1 replies)
Test results
Feb 27, 2014
... HI Expected Test Result LO Units Values ------------------------------------------------------------------ Antinuclear Antibody (Multiple), S ANA Titer: >1:640 ANA Pattern: Speckled The speckled pattern is associated with antibodies to ribonucleoprotein (U1-RNP), SM, SSA, SSB, PCNA (proliferating cell nuclear antigen), SCL-70, or PM-1. This pattern is seen most frequently in... (9 replies)
... Can not find anything of my titer would be consider high. Right not the official dx is udct. ... (5 replies)

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