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Oct 14, 2004
... Hi there, Well, I received my blood results back from the Rhuemotologist today in mail and yet to speak with Dr. As has happened over the last 14 years - the ANA Panel came back POSITIVE. Also the ANA PATTERN is SPRECKLED as well as the ANA TITER being 1:160. It was at one point 1:320. Always been spreckled. Had Sed rate be out of range over the years too. This was not... (20 replies)
... Gina- I had problems while pregnant called "villitis of unknown etiology" that caused my girls to be classified as IUGR babies- born under the 10th percentile of weight. My OB knew at the time that it was probably an autoimmune disorder attacking my placenta, causing the villi attaching my placenta to my uterus to be inflamed- that restricted the blood flow and nutrients... (14 replies)

... Gina- You and I could be twins. My ANA has never been higher than 1:320 in a speckled pattern, and my only other abnormal labs are a positive RA factor (never higher than 1:160) and IGM anticardiolipin antibodies positive (again at a low titer). I do however have 6 of the 11 defining characteristics of lupus, and have only recently (in the last two years) been definitively... (14 replies)
... Hi! I'm new to this board and have never posted before but hoping I can get some answers and support from this to make myself not feel crazy. I've been experiencing pain in my hands for a year or so now. I have a pacemaker due to Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia—paroxysmal A-V junctional tachycardia. I've had several ablations and was diagnosed with IBS in 2007 and my dad has... (7 replies)
... Thank you ladybud! I'll definitely ask about the APL test. I've had most of those other tests but wasn't sure if it's be helpful to post those results. I'll do that below. Thanks again! WBC Feb 2015: 4.8 (3.4-10.8) WBC June 2015: 4.7 (4.0 - 11) different lab than first one RBC Feb 2015: 4.8 (3.77-5.28) RBC June 2015: 4.93 (3.7-5.4) CRP Feb 2015: .96 (0-3) CRP June... (8 replies)
... Dont feel bad about the name mispell! VeeJ is right. I meet 4+ of 11 criteria including positive ANA, DSDNA, arthritis & malar rash, but since dsdna is close to complements level and not "off the chart" I have no diagnosis and no treatment still. With anything in the urine, I think they'd retest to look for more abnormalities before doing 24/hr catch or biopsy. It may... (42 replies)
... on the ANA titer which is considered clinically significant. Many people with lupus have normal sed rates and CRP. ... (2 replies)
... My Dr. originally thought lyme as my lyme titer came back positive but then the confirmation tests for lyme were negative and ruled that out. ... (1 replies)
... Hi everyone. I went to my dermatologist a month ago for itchy skin and she suggested I get an ANA test done since lupus can sometimes present itself in the skin. I thought she was crazy but had the test done anyways and found out last week it's positive. I was sent to my primary care doc and he did further blood tests, and my ANA was positive with a titer of 1:160 and a... (3 replies)
... What does a positive ANA IFA screen indicate. Also a speckled ANA pattern and a ANA titer of 1:160? (18 replies)
... Hi, I am new to this site. I have recently been diagnosed with lupus, or rather the Rheumatologist said that I am at a high risk of having lupus because of my blood work and symptoms. I tested positive the antibodies with a titer of 1:160, a nucleolar pattern. My double stranded DNA test came back 45 and my CRP Quantitative is low. My doctor tried to rule out lupus but... (2 replies)
... I have been going to the doctor for over 2 years now for certain symptoms. Last winter I was sent to a rheumatologist and he did some blood work and said that the parvo virus was present but since the symptoms don't exist no more, that there is nothing to worry about. This last fall the symptoms returned, so I began going to a different doctor for more blood work. Here are... (2 replies)
... Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know what my PCP thought about the letter he got from the rheumatologist at U of U. I haven't yet got my copy but when I had to go see him for the persistent migraine yesterday, he certainly had his copy and said he'd been wanting to see me for a while and was glad I was there. I explained to him that while I felt like the... (4 replies)
... Hello, Welcome to the Lupus board!! :) I can give you a better understanding of your questions in "layman's terms" than any search engine. It is prohibited to mention names of sites on this board just so you know. The moderators don't like that kind of stuff because we are all meant to be here to help each other and not to recommend sites. Lots of people have been... (5 replies)
My test results
Aug 20, 2002
... I had a complete blood workup the first of the month. My ANA was a positive and my Titer was 1:160 but a low sed rate and a wbc of 3.3 which is low. I have been dealing with joint pain for several years and fatigue episodes since May. I do have some osteoarthritis, pernicious anemia among others. The Dr wants me to discuss this test with my rhemutologist next month to maybe... (0 replies)
... I'm sorry for the delay but wanted to get back to you with what is considered a normal ANA test result: A titer below 1:160 is usually considered "negative" or not present. Hope this helps! (10 replies)
... SM AB titer eGFR 51? ... (9 replies)
... Actually im awaiting my Anti-cerdiolipins results as we speak and he is my internal medicine doctor.. but he is very thorough.. im more on the FW side im in the mid-cities area.. his name is Dr. richard sound like (rishard) not richard... my Mother in law told me about a hospital in Temple called Scott and white hospital that they diagnose the hard cases to figure out... ... (9 replies)
... Amy, I'm in Richardson. The 2 rheumy's I've seen are in Dallas. Are you on the D side of the metroplex or the FW. It sounds to me as though you have at least 4 criteria for Lupus (probably why you've been diagnosed) Your white/blue hands/feet sound like Raynaud's Phenomenon. A negative Titer is 1:40 or less, but it goes up like this: 40 80 (9 replies)

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