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... he pill gave me red allergic type spots.these went away when i stopped taken it and doc gave me a topical solution called dalacin c and oral antibiotics instead. after a week or so i started getting a pain around my left eye. took myself off oral antibiotics. a week after this i put the dalacin c on one night. ... (7 replies)
... It all began in the year 1998 right after my divorce. ... (11 replies)
... I went to work on June 6 and was sitting at my desk and I began to feel very lightheaded and dizzy. This was not 'room spinning vertigo' but rather just a dizzy, weak feeling. I had also been feeling like my calves were swollen and I attributed it to water retention from my period. ... (0 replies)

... Hi, I'm a regular to this board and I need some help. It all started around 3 or 4 months back when I started to show symptoms of a "bladder infection". However, after a couple of days that cleared up on its own. During the time of that supposed infection I had really bad back pain. ... (10 replies)
... s ago. i came out in red allergic type spots instead. So came off pill and doc gave me oral antibiotics akenim and a solution to put on my skin called dalacin c. after a week or so of using these i got pain around my left eye, so stopped oral antibiotics. ... (10 replies)
... My eyes are sensitive to bright lights and sunlight. if I am in the house all day, then walk outside and the ground is covered with snow, I will see a flash, and then get an occular migraine. ... (5 replies)
... metabolic processes because it's no coincidence that mainly women in childbearing age get it and it gets worse after giving birth. That is the main reason I think I might have it. ... (16 replies)
... and now a few hours later I'm beginning to have the usual problems. The sun makes me feel like I'm getting the flu, very tired and kind weak like, not heavy limbs, but just tired enough that it's not really worth trying to move around.. if that makes sense? ... (12 replies)
... it got worse. I've been to dr after dr after dr just to be given drugs and sent on my way. When the drugs didn't work, back I'd go, only to be given different drugs and therapy. When THAT didn't work... ... (8 replies)
... rash after being exposed to UVA and UVB. Even if you walk in with a rash, the rheum can't say for sure whether it occured after UV exposure. ... (6 replies)
... But my Lupus was only diagnosed recently in 2006, after several years on Cellebrex and Vioxx. I am convinced that those drugs had something to do with my illness, but who can prove it? ... (121 replies)
... for hives. She saw the skin peeling on my hands and told me to see a dermatologist. I did, they tested the skin on my hands and said it was eczema. OK, found out after the miscarriage I was hypothyroid, my family dr said good, I was thinking Lupus. Then 3 mos later I got pregnant again, and got the hives. But this baby made it. ... (3 replies)
... Since being on Warfarin it was like a flipping miracle I no longer needed a wheelchair and the MS symptoms almost disappeared and I can walk with just one stick now. I self test my INR at home and if I keep my INR stabilised between 3.8 and 4.5 then I am OK. ... (4 replies)
Semi-new here...
Aug 4, 2004
... Hi everyone, Things have escalated some since I last posted (just one post), and I thought I'd come to the web experts for some advice. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis in April, I finally found an endo who took my symptoms seriously and paid less attention to my supposedly "normal" lab results. He prescribed 25 mcg of Levothroid and that seemed to... (8 replies)
... Neck and r. shoulder pain, horrible issue walking. I walk like an old lame workhorse and my right foot is in constant pain. I often use a can for balance. ... (21 replies)
... So, even after yesterday I woke up this morning and recorded my symptoms. took my temp, called and made an appt with my pcp and dentist... ... (48 replies)
... is a bit embarassing... I am so young... and the way I look when I get out of a chair, or my car is ridiculous.... I am so sore, and in so much pain, and feel so weak like my bones are about to break, that it takes a while to adjust myself to start walking normal after I get up.... ... (14 replies)
Feb 8, 2006
... Just after some advice please. ... (24 replies)
... edullary and spine. The Lumbar Punture showed banding and after my previous history of loss of balance, double vision, poor coordination, dragging feet, fatigue, weak limbs, L'Hermittes syndrome, numbness, pins and needles and burning sensations in myy muscles. ... (17 replies)

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