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... Hello all, I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis and am being watched for Lupus due to a high ANA. ANA in 8/03: Positive Titer 1:320 - Homogenous Titer 1:640 - Speckled ANA in 11/03: Positive (8 replies)
... d, ears feel they need to pop, eyes feel like theyre going to pop, confusion, some slurred speach during dizzy spell, and my eyes have swollen, and I feel really weak and tired when I try to walk. ... (3 replies)
... dsDNA, only a minority of patients with lupus have positive results of those. ... (32 replies)

... eyes and body aches, my doctor ran autoimmune rheum panel. Rheum was negative, ANA was negative. All was negative except for low Vitamin D. ... (1 replies)
... They have only just recently ran these blood tests and ANA was one of them. Never heard of that test before then. And they never showed me the actual results. ... (15 replies)
Help- lab test
Jan 11, 2012
... Well here we are in January 2012 and still no answers. Here is an update. ANA 1:80 Speckled Vit D 28(low) In September it was 54(don't know what happened to my vit D Had EMG/NCV: showed inclusion body myopathy(don't know why) Still in dx hell. Can't get one. No one seem to know what is going on. shoulder bursitis finally got injection which has helped. Having one... (17 replies)
Ra or Lupus
Jun 25, 2012
... I am 27 and having joint pain and swelling. Had RA test done, ANA came back positive. Had more blood work done and only the double stranded DNA came back positive. They r weak positives. ... (0 replies)
... however, this time I had a flag of 80 on my ANA. It also said it was speckled and positive elisa screen. So, I am making an appointment with my rhumey once again. My GP doctor thinks it might be lupus..but..who knows? ... (18 replies)
... e of my knees, but sometimes goes to the other one an all. It also happens in my shoulders too, and even my fingers hurt. Plus, I have noticed that my hands feel weak at times, and what I use to be able to do seems to be getting harder and harder. ... (10 replies)
... not exactly sure what this test is. She did some research and said she found a more specific test for lupus which I think was called an ADNA, it wasn't just an ANA there was definitely another letter. Anyway I am still waiting on the test results for that. ... (0 replies)
... king for a while about lupus, I have tingling sensations in my hands arm and face they just wax and wane. I feel really tired sometimes then ok others my arms go weak sometimes then again are ok others I have muscle twitching in calf muscles and right tricep muscle. ... (11 replies)
... Gosh, I've never had someone so excited to see my urine before!!! Hee hee. Now that puts it into perspective. I thought I had like one or two symptoms. Poooo! What exactly would they do for me? I don't think I'm anemic now? What do I know? As for the arthritis, I don't think I have that. I just feel like I can't stop moving sometimes and want to keep stretching. It's like... (9 replies)
... I am pretty positive about that one. You can't CARRY Lupus for pete's sake.. although your kids would have a higher risk of developing it because you have it too. ... (9 replies)
Lupus or Not
Jan 1, 2015
... I have Hashimoto's and Hypothyroid was sent to a Rheumatologist for some tests have been having aches in my calves and feet felt weak for awhile but nothing major. She ran tests ANA neg positive DNA? ... (1 replies)
... m not so sure about starting both of these at the same time. She said Plaquenil is a weak drug and very slow acting and with the amount of inflammation going on, she would need Methotrexate and will have to stay on it indefinitely? ... (42 replies)
... I tested positive for lupus on the ANA and the bloodtest but my doctor said I didn't have the symptoms.... ... (5 replies)
Semi-new here...
Aug 4, 2004
... Hi everyone, Things have escalated some since I last posted (just one post), and I thought I'd come to the web experts for some advice. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis in April, I finally found an endo who took my symptoms seriously and paid less attention to my supposedly "normal" lab results. He prescribed 25 mcg of Levothroid and that seemed to... (8 replies)
... joint pain, stiffness, slight swelling, constantly tired, weak feeling, sun rashes, facial rash, fevers, headaches, shortness of breath, pain when breathing etc..... the list goes on. ... (4 replies)
... I called the nurse and asked her to fax me the actual test results so I could see what precisely they say, particularly the ANA pattern. She took the fax number but I had not received them before I left at 4p. ... (17 replies)

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