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[COLOR="DarkGreen"]Hi AES,

I did Rocephin about 12 years ago. All it did for me was gave me a pancreatic attack and gall bladder attack at the same time!
I wound up having to do a gall bladder flush instead of having it surgically removed.

I did Rocephin for at least 6 months with some orals. Then doc pulled me off of it when my organs started being affected by it, and put me on couple others instead. (after my gall bladder and pancreas calmed down.)

I honestly haven't seen many that have had a huge success with Rocephin. If your not seeing any improvement get your doc to change the protocol.

This antibiotic is the worst on our organs.

You also need more than 1 type of antibiotic to kill off all life stages.

Hope you feel better soon!


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