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I'm new here after a lot of searching on website... I am pretty much sure that I was first bite by tick around march 2014. And i found a solid red large area with 3 dark hard spots in the center. So i went to see the internist who told me it was bited by a spider or something. Just left it there and it'll be good ....

After several months, i feel intchy of my whole body and I even became a skin writer (having Dermatographism). From last month, i felt a little disconfort on my left knee for several days and the symptons became worse. My knee just swelling incredibly- i cannot walk/bent/strench. Then I went to see a specialist (orthopedics), she drained my knee and did a lot of lab tests and found I have a lyme disease! This is the first time i heard of Lyme disease!

And I was prescribed of Docycycline 100mg twice a day for 28 days. According to her, my symptons should be releved within 3 days. From yesterday, I found my other knee is also swelling with stiffness and pain. So I am not sure if it is normal because i just started the abx? Or is it mean Docycycline isn't effevctive on me??

Since it's already more than 1 year after the bite, and i searched that arthritis is the last stage symtons of LD. Do you guys have positive view, am i still possible to be cured from LD?

I became a little desperate since I have 2 little kids and a lot of work to do...
thank you guys in advance for sharing your expereice and i wish everyone become well one day!!!

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