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Desperately need help as to what to do and who to go to for lyme treatment in Singapore.

After being sent from specialist to specialist since 2013, who are unable to diagnose my symptoms, I am at my wits end.

I suspect I was bitten by a tick from my dog in July 2013 (though i only belatedly realised) in July 2013 and developed 2 odd rashes (not bulls eye rash but i took photos just in case).

By October that year developed several symptoms such as severe knee pains ,shoulder joint pains, hip joint pains and chest pains. Was hospitalised but told I was not having heart attack but did have frozen shoulder.

Since then, have developed other symptoms:

persistent hip joint and knee pains that wax and wane
unexplained sudden weight loss of 5 kg
hair loss
short-term memory problems and problems recalling words
shoulder joint problems now with my right shoulder and sharp shooting pains in my back
finger joint pains and occasional stiffness
chronic fatigue since 2014 (with short periods of remission)
acid reflux

I suspect all this inflammatory conditions and especially memory problems may be caused by Lyme disease or some disease caused by bacteria from tick.

But have difficult time convincing doctors to even test for parasites.

Anybody with any experience in Singapore ? Really desperate for help as to which doctor to go to and see who will actually listen ? AND which doctor or centre here can carry out the relevant tests ?

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