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6 months ago I took z-pak 250 mg for simple sinus/nose infection. It thru me for a loop. The infection seemed to leave even though I felt odd while taking it, and I still had some small throat issues afterwards.But after a couple weeks later, started with very terrible insomnia , and anxiety issues. A bit later some physical things---numbness in fingers toes, at times still neck, floaters and eyesight issues, tinnitus, were added to my symtoms. I was bitten by a regular wood tick a couple years ago, but no problems emerged then. Mind you some of the anxiety issues,etc.. can be a side effect in some people with just the z-pak alone. Anyway, I ve had terrrible insomnia and these other things for six months, so it got me thinkg of Lyme---Just had west. blot test from Igenex, awaiting reults; a west blot from Quest labs showed all neg. on all of the bands but I didn't trust that. Any advice on how to deal with these symtoms or otherwise helpful hints are appreciated. Thks much-- this site has many knowable people on the subject.

Sometimes symptoms don't emerge until some time after the bite, years later is not uncommon.

Until you can see an LLMD:

For anxiety try Gabatrol supplement

Oil of Oregano helps with lyme flares and is good to take throughout treatment.

For insomnia Valerian Root

The eye issues will start to resolve once you begin serious treatment

Lyme is diagnosed first by clinical symptoms so don't stop seeking LD treatment if your test doesn't come back "positive"

Thanks for your info.

Mind you I ve never got any rashes, or any real siffness in joints, bad fever, headaches etc. I tried a brand or the Organo --- little fish-oil looking capsules --- for a week but didn't seem to be doing anything for me.

My sleep has started come around a bit, but the big thing is that I feel somewhat aweful upon awaking. Someone else put me on to an enzme called Lumbrokinase. Its supposed to be able to brain cell-walls I think of the LYme on other co-horts, but I found it apppartrantly can act as a blood tinner, so I was concerned about that.

Thanks again for your interest

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