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Hey all ! My name is Gary.

First let me say I am not 100% sure yet if I should be on this forum because I am still waiting on the Lyme test results.

Having said that, let me tell you my various symptoms and you can tell me if you think it is likely I have Lyme disease.

First I was bitten by a tick and there was a slight rash, I;m not sure how long the tick was on me because it was a little below my right armpit out of sight and one night I happened to feel that area and at first thought it was a mole or small skin tag so I had my wife look at it and saw it was a tick and she pulled it off, a couple days later a slight rash appeared in a rough small circle around where the tick bite was still visible. (we live right next to a forest and most days deer walk thru our yard here in South Carolina)

I'm not exactly sure how many days it was from whenever the tick first got on me and when I first started having symptoms.

Thinking back, Monday/Tuesday of last week I might have started feeling slightly less energetic than usual, but my appetite was still really good. Then on Wednesday it really hit me, what a difference from one day to the next, After being up only about an hour or so Wednesday morning I felt extreme fatigue and had to lay down for about 2 hours, I got back up because I had a few chores I needed to get done even though I felt so very tired, but it wasn't long and I laid down again for at least an hour. Also starting with Wednesday I had a sudden loss of appetite compared to how very good my appetite was the night before. Thursday was almost as bad.

Starting with Wednesday night I had "night sweats" but felt chilly at the same time. This happened either 2 or 3 other nights in the beginning.

Note: I seen my doctor that Friday, she did an immediate EKG (was ok), urine sample (was ok) a CBC blood test for general infection (negative) and sent several other vials of blood to an outside lab (LabCorp) to check for Lyme using the tests called "Lyme Disease Antibodies, Including Reflex to Western Blot on Positives" and a few other tests that could explain sudden extreme fatigue -VPCHG (checks for Porphyria), CMP (complete-metabolic-panel), TSH (thyroid-stimulating-hormone).

Now since she knew I was bite by a tick and had various symptoms she felt it best to immediately start me on doxycycline hyclate 100mg twice daily for 14 days even before the Lyme test results came back since it has a better chance of being more effective the sooner you take it. (still waiting for Lyme test results).

I have been taking the doxycycline for 5 days now and while I still feel much more tired than I should, it is not as extreme as those first few days when it first hit. my appetite has improved slightly, but not back to normal, Miralax has helped with constipation but still taking it as that is not 100% yet, still get lower abdominal bloating and mild discomfort at times, occasionally will feel shallow breathing, the night sweats / chills have stopped.

If it wasn't for the tick bite with rash I might think it could even be diverticulitis or irritable bowl syndrome, but the tick bite / rash along with the various sudden symptoms make me think Lyme disease is much more likely, what do you all think ?

Thanks in advance for all your help !


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