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OMG I have been trying to interpret my test results for the last 12 hours. I have never even considered having Lymes before, although I have many many symptoms. Here are my test results. Maybe someone can give me your opinion until I get with my Doctor.

[U]Lyme, Western Blot, Serum [/U](All done by LabCorp)
IgG P39 Ab Present () A
IgM P39 Ab Absent ()

These are all Absent or Negative: IgG P66 Ab, IgG P41 Ab, IgM P41 Ab, IgG P58 Ab, IgG P18 Ab, IgG P30 Ab, IgG P93 Ab, IgG P28 Ab, IgM P23 Ab, Lyme IgM WB Interp, Lyme IgG WB Interp, IgG P45 Ab, IgG P23 Ab.

[U]Mycoplasma pneu. IgG/IgM[/U]
M pneumoniae IgM Abs <770 (0-769)
M pneumoniae IgG Abs 626 (0-99 U/mL) H

[U]CD57 Panel[/U]
% CD8-/CD57+ Lymphs 1.3 (2.0-17.0%) L
Abs. CD8-CD57 + Lymphs 34 (60-360) L
other items fell in between normal range when given.

EBV Ab VCA, IgG 260.0 (0.0-17.9 U/mL) H
EBV Early Antigen Ab, IgG 16.0 (0.0-8.9 U/mL) H

[U]HHV 6 IgG Antibodies[/U]
HHV 6 IgG Antibodies 1.51 (index) H

[U]Pregnenolone, MS[/U]
26 (ng/dL) no range given

These were negative or normal: Chiamydia pneu (IgG/M), HHV-6 IgM, CMV Abs IgG/IgM

Thank you for helping and sharing your time!


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