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A long list of health issues have been going on with me for the passed year and a half I just turned 20 years old today I am 6 feet 2 200 pounds and I need some help or someone to diagnose me please read

➖Shortness Of Breathe It Is Very Hard To Breathe In I Have To Yawn To Take A Good Breathe Always In Need Of Air And When I Do Get The Deep Breath In I Get More Lightheaded(1 Year 6 Months)

➖Choking Feeling On My Lower And Middle Throat Feel Like Something Is Stuck And Is Restricting Air Way It's Hard To Breathe And Its Always Dry And I Feel Pressure On My Throat And My Throat/Tongue/Jaw Feels Swolen And Numb/Dry Makes It Hard To Talk/Swallow
(1 Year) Got X Ray Came Out Normal Also ENT Put A Scope Inside Of My Nose To My Throat Everything Looked Normal

➕➕This All Started With A Very Bad Throat Infection Then After Went On To A Ear Infection Then After Sinus Infection And All These Symptoms Started Happening➕➕

➖24/7 LightHeadedness/Faint Feeling All Day Never Stops It Gets Worse When I Walk Around Or When I Breathe In Or Out It feels Like It's Coming From The Back Of My Head And Eyes I Can't Do Anything Or Work I Am In Bed All Day When I Am Active I Feel Faint And I Lay Down And Feel Very Sick This Is Very Bad It Keeps Me In Bed All Day Please Help Me
(6 Months)

➖Memory Problems It Is Hard To Remember What I Just Did Or What I Have Done Feels Like A Dream Everything In Unreal I Try To Picture Someone's Face I Just Met And I Cant Remember What They Look Like I Can't Picture Anything In My Head Anymore Feels Like I'm Dreaming And Foggy
(6 Months)

➖Headaches All Day Non Stop (8 Months) Feels Like A Burning/Shocking Sensation Like When You Take The Pill "Niacin"

➖Right Leg/HandPain In My Calf It Hurts A lot From My Calf To My Toes And Its Very Weak Right Hand Weakness And Tingling (3 Months)

➖Burning Stinging Sensation And Pressure On My Forehead/Cheeks/Head/Temple Feel Like They Are Burning/Numb (1 Month)

➖Twitches All Over My Body No Pain Though Usually Get Worse When I Wake Up (3 Months)

➖When I Am Laying Down On The Back Of My Head Like On My Pillow I Feel Pain And The LightHeadedness Gets Worse And Sometimes It Wakes Me Up From My Sleep And It Feels Like A Shock Maybe I Have A Broken Bone Behind My Head Idk..

➖Any Type Of Medicine For Pain Or Alcohol Will Make My Symptoms Worse And Makes My Face Burn And The LightHeadedness Worse Even Advil Or A Cigeratte Will Intensify The Lightheadedness With A Burning /Stinging Sensation On My Head/Brain Cheek/Forehead

Tests Performed:

*Seen a neurologist,Sleep study doctor,ENT,Anxiety doctor they can't find nothing idk what to do anymore I give up..Been to the EMERGENCY ROOM 20 Times This year

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