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[COLOR="Green"]Hi Smolls! Cute name by the way :)

I TOTALLY agree with Tess. You ARE positive. And truly it does NOT matter anyway what a test says. True Lyme Literate Medical Doctors go on symptoms NOT on a test.

I too was told I had M.S., fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, CANCER, dementia in my 30's, Alzhiemers in my 40's, bi polar, manic depressive, gullians disease you name it I was labeled with it.

And all that time I tested Negative for Lyme and co's. I would pull up a couple of bands for Lyme. But the Western Blot technically was used for tracking with the CDC. That's why the bands. Beings there are SOOOO many strains of Borrelia (Lyme) labs do not test for them all. Same goes for co-infections.

Do NOT go to a infectious disease doctor. I went to many and they ran me out the door. Saying to get a grip on life. Same with neurologist. I had one that said he felt I had lyme but nothing was done about it.

By the time I finally found someone that believed in Lyme, I was under 100 pounds, throwing up. Hallucinations, losing the use of my legs and arms. On so many prescriptions for uppers, downers ,anti depressants, pain was a total night mare. It took ONE doc that knew what to look for and he did NOT go by my test results. He went on my symptoms. THANK GOD for that one doctor. As he said, I looked like something the cat drug in. I was on deaths door.

I also had co infections that testing was not detecting. I also had parasites and heavy metal poisoning. After 3 years of treatment with him he retired then I stuck with another doc for 10 years. They both kept me alive. Once Lyme and co-'s gets in our cells it is truly hard to eradicate!

I am doing a out of the box treatment now that is helping me a lot.

All this time I have had Chronic Meningitis. I was ready for a mental ward.

There are 300,00 up to 2 million people being infected each year. It is spread through any insect that bites and goes host to host. Blood transfusions, Parents to babies, SEX, ect.

You are showing a positive. TRUST that! After 13 years of treatment it finally got to a layer in my cells where the bacteria was hiding out and I finally got a positive through Igenex and Pharma labs.
This bacteria is so clever it creates cyst around itself and bio films as a protection.

As Tess suggested get to a LLMD. From where you are sitting find a Lyme support group by city, county State. Contact the group leader and they will be able to guide you. Or you can look for a LLMD from where you are sitting.

This is NOTHING to mess with.

Praying you find the help that you need.

If you haven't already, Watch the documentary Under Our Skin. It may help you in understanding why LLMD's don't take insurance. They are in fear of losing their license every day.



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