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This bacteria has been weaponized. Read up on Lab 257 and Plum Island. Which Plum Island is now closed but was moved to Kansas.

Biogerm warfare....

I went to Mayo to the infectious disease doctor and to their shrinks about 12 years ago. They did nothing for me. They diagnosed me with borderline retardation. ugh!

And went to UC Davis Infectious Disease doctor in Ca. He wouldn't even let me in his office. I was under 100 pounds, throwing up, delusional, could hardly test show negative...

I'm not feeling well today, please read over Smolls thread. If you have questions I will be more than happy to answer tomorrow.

Western med doctors and infectious disease doctors do not know how to treat. You need a Lyme specialist. Or as Tess said there are alternative treatments. All of our bodies are different, different DNA, and many of us are lacking genes to fight off infections.

PLEASE for your own health and peace of mind. Just get to a LLMD. They know what to look for. They can get you on treatment and down the road you can throw in some alternative treatments. That's what most of us do.

Example, I have walked around since the 90's with Chronic Meningits from everything I have. I have huge edemas on my head from it. Mayo and other western med, infectious disease doctors wouldn't deal with me. And antibiotics weren't crossing the blood brain barrier. I have lived in insanity all that time. I was with one specialist that tried hard for 10 years thinking of ways to get it gone. But this is one smart bacteria. Gets in our cells and extremely hard to exradicate. Same with Bartonella, Babesia, and viruses. It took a homeopathic doctor and his bio feed back tester to diagnose me. He is also a did me world of good. And my random throwing up stopped.
But I hit a road block and started treatment at home

I am doing Bee Venom Therapy, Api therapy. It is a miracle for me.



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