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Well, I have MS and I can tell you that what you listed as your symptoms would not be MS symptoms. You listed "joint pain (MS is a nerve disease and doesnt cause joint pain), muscle pain (Again,MS is a nerve disease), irritable bladder(This usually only occurs after someone has had MS for many years, and is caused by TONS of other things besides Lymes as well), tinnitus (Less than 1% of MSers have this symptom), peripheral neuropathy, extreme fatigue, unclear thinking, and chronic hives(MS doesnt cause hives). The peripheral neuopathy, fatigue and unclear thinking are MS symptoms, however they are also symptoms of 100,00 other things.

MS wont show up on the type of tests you had done for Lymes...and if IgeneX tested you positive, I would have to say you are positive for Lymes, since that is the one thing that all MSers also have tested, in the same place. Once we get a negative IgeneX test, we know we can rule out Lyme Disease.

There is no test for MS, its ruling out everything else. MS mimics over 400 other diseases . The odds of having MS are only 1:400.

Since you tested positive for everything Lyme related, I dont think you should be skeptical about Lyme.....I do think you should consider another opinon on the antibiotics. I know people who have taken them for years- under the care of their Infectious Disease doctor, and eventually have felt good again.


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