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I feel so bad for posting this same question. I still would like to see more replies.

I had a tick inside my back for several days. I thought it was a boil or pimple. Then I decided to remove it, I was twelve years old. I knew nothing about the disease.

I was on an outdoor education trip with school. I wanted to go home, they wouldn't let me...I got back to the doctor with a huge bulls eye rash. The doctor showed me a chart of ticks and told me to pick one...

I didn't know what I was doing. He said "Oh that's the wood tick, not lyme tick" I never got a prescription for antiobiotics. But I don't think it would have made much difference, I know the tick was inside for at least three days.

Eventually I felt like something was wrong so I removed it in the bathroom. One of the camp councilors rubbed it with alcohol and iodine...but other than that I was left out to dry.

I wish I had proper documentation of this bet I'd get a lawyer, but it's still not making me feel any better.

Good luck, god bless and hopefully the antibotics will help bring it down.

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