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Re: Concerned
Nov 7, 2015
[COLOR="Green"]Hi Gail!! Sorry that you do have Lyme. But it is good that you know what you are dealing with.

NO that is not the accurate dose of antibiotic. That is the treatment that a non Lyme doctor treats with. You truly need to get to a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor ASAP. So you can get on the correct treatment.

There are 3 life stages to the bacteria. There are the nymphs, the adults, and then they create cyst around themselves. That is just part of their lives. So technically you need 3 different antibiotics. One to kill the nymph, one to kill the adult and one to bust open the cyst form.

Also there are issues such as biofilms and other issues. That ONLY a LLMD would understand.

There are other ways of treating but getting to a Lyme doc and getting on the correct treatment is a good way to get yourself going. Then you will need to get your nutrition in order. One must cut out sugars and yeast. The bacteria feeds off of sugars. And medications cause candida. So then you need to treat the over growth of yeast (Candida).

From everything I have read over the years, doing a low dose of doxy like you are doing ...only irritates the bacteria and causes it to replicate more. It may or may not put it into remission. It will not cure you. There technically is not a true cure for borrelia. (Lyme) But it is all about building the immune system to put it into remission.

You will also need your thyroid tested by a good doctor.

What ever symptoms you are displaying right now is all being caused by the bacteria's., viruses. So going to this doc or me, is a waste of time. ( I learned the hard way ) And many will just load you up on meds you don't need. Then you don't know what is symptoms from Lyme or side effects from the medications.. :p

I went to a testing came out pretty normal. He said he suspected Lyme. That was it. I went to doctors for the depression. They pumped me with anti depressants. Well I had no idea that the brain would get better with treatment. And it is affected by all of this. So all I am trying to put out there is, be careful of jumping from doctor to doctor.

Also detox your body, it is very important to get the dead bacteria and the ammonia (dying bacteria creates ammonia) pulled out as much as possible.

Some ways are...Drink water with Apple Cider Vinegar in it. Drink water with Lemon juice in it.

If you have access to a infared sauna sit in that. Some have heat intolerances. You want to sweat. That detoxes the skin.

Also some sit in the bath with 2 to 4 cups of Epsom Salts and 64 ounces of hydrogen peroxide. You want to sit for at least 20 min. It pulls out toxins and puts oxygen back into the skin.

You want to take vitamin C. I take 4,000 mg. But you need to work your way up. There are other things you can do and you will learn along the way. And so the reason to see a True Lyme specialist. It is like, would you go to a dentist for foot problems??? Western Med doctors and Infectious disease doctors treat the bacteria like how your doctor did you. You need a specialist.
Lyme causes and mimics over 300 conditions.

From where you are sitting you should be able to find a Lyme support group in your town/city county or state, OR the next state over. Contact the group leader and request the closest Lyme Literate Medical Doctor. You will need to pay out of pocket.

Watch "Under Our Skin" will open your eyes a little about the battle we all go through.

We're hear if you have more questions Gail.



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