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I am looking for help with my blood test results. The doctor said the test came back negative for lyme but number came back high?
Here are the results:
lyme ab/western blot reflex

Test Low Normal High Reference Range Units
lyme igg/igm ab [B]1.47[/B] 0.00-0.90 ISR
lyme disease ab, quant, igm [B]3.38[/B] 0.00-0.79 index
igg p93 ab. Absent
igg p66 ab. Absent
igg p58 ab. Absent
igg p45 ab. Absent
igg p41 ab. [B]Present[/B]
igg p39 ab. [B]Present[/B]
igg p30 ab. Absent
igg p28 ab. Absent
igg p23 ab. [B]Present[/B]
igg p18 ab. Absent
lyme igg wb interp. Negative See Comments
igm p41 ab. Absent
igm p39 ab. Absent
igm p23 ab. [B]Present[/B]
lyme igm wb interp. Negative See Comments

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