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[QUOTE=Diamondgirl1;5397709]Hello, I am very lost and hoping someone can help me. I have been feeling so unwell off and on for 4 years now. I've been to many Dr's and specialists and none were helpful at all. I have had Mri's, Ct scans, tons of Xray, and lots of blood work. I have seen cardiologists many of them and I still get nowhere just told its anxiety. I am so tired of running to the Er every other month. This problem has gotten worse after giving birth to my son. My cardiologist test me for Lyme after explaining my symptoms to her, and the results were 23 kd(IGM) Reactive, 41 kd(IGM) Reactive, 41 kd(IGG) Reactive and this was in June of 2014.....I was sent to an ID doc who did nothing, but tell me that I'm fine. Oct, 2014 41 kd(IGG) Reactive, 45 kd(IGG) Reactive, 23 kd(IGM) Reactive...41 kd(IGM) no longer Reactive which is confusing. Now my recent blood work, Nov, 2015 results were: 41 kd(IGG) Reactive, 45 kd(IGG) Reactive, 23 kd(IGM) Reactive....what is this all about? No one is giving me any answers at symptoms come and go, and they are nasty headaches, Dizziness, ringing and popping ears, off balance, tired, muscle aches, numbness and tingling in arms along with leg pain. I also feel heart flutters, but the dr's do not believe me. I'm so stressed out because I would like to finally have my old self back this has been affecting my life for 4 yrs. Is anyone familiar with these bands, and if so what can I do? Thank You, and my apologies for the long post.[/QUOTE]

Those bands indicate positive for Lyme. I am not a doctor but I also had those bands positive. Your symptoms seem to be a lot like mine. I have been treating Lyme and coinfections for 4 years, and your symptoms are identical to what I used to have. Mine are a lot better after treating with antibiotics for 4 years. Can you find an LLMD?

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