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Hi all,

I have had mysterious symptoms for over a decade (continual sinus infections, TMJ, muscle twitches, joint pain that comes and goes, fatigue, headaches, new food allergies, IBS, new onset of anxiety..)

After becoming entirely fed up with treating each of these ailments individually, I began to put the pieces together of what could be going on.

An ENT suggested Lyme testing and I have now been working with a LLD. She ordered Western Blot though Igenex and these were the results:

IGM-"Negative" but the following came up:
**23-25 IND
**34 IND
**39 IND
**41 +++
58 +
66 +

IGA Negative except 41++

My LLD was very brief and said no Lyme...taking a closer look and doing my own research I am now concerned about the amount of activity and INDs that came back although the test is still negative.

Any insight from similar experience or test results would be great!

Thank you!!!

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