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Lyme's in denial
Feb 3, 2016
Back in August I began experiencing severe knee pain with warmth and swelling. Lab work and MRI at the time were okay, although not perfect. The doctor was stumped. My knee continued to remain slightly swollen and warm to touch but the pain factor was 99% better. In January, the doctor redrew lab work and the following came back: Lymes +1.86 (was 0.9), ANA + 1:640 homogenous pattern, and Band 58 was positive. My Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide IgG Ab was <16 (norm <20). Both my IgG and IgM Western Blots were negative. Guess I'm not understanding how I can be negative and then 6 months later positive. Only remember an odd red area on my thigh that went away within a couple days so I didn't think anything of it. From what research I found the CDC doesn't consider a lyme positive if less than a certain number of bands are positive. Just wondering if I really have lymes.

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